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10 Trappings of Modern Life

Oh Modern Technology it’s a great thing…but it sure has us trapped into getting more and updating each time. Seriously, what did we do before all this technology. I survived my youth without all this…I wonder what crazy technology Dino will be tricked into needing.


  • droid smart phoneuse it to text, tweet, Facebook, search anything, play games, calculate mathematics, and waste my time. What’s going on in my town? Just read the local paper’s tweets. What are the celebs up to? Just read their tweets. What silliness and craziness is everyone experiencing? Just check out Facebook.
  • ROKUwho needs live TV. I get most of my shows on HULU Plus for just $8 a month. Netflix gives you just about any show…and if it’s not on there you can find it or rent it on Amazon Prime. It’s wonderful BUT addicting.
  • BLOGwhat would I do if I couldn’t blog…though I wish I DID have more time to blog and read blogs
  • Textingoften avoid talking on the phone to just text
  • HootSuuitepost one thing on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, and Google Plus in one shot



  • texting only good for quick talking, not lengthy conversations…just call me already
  • Email pissing contestGet a life, stop trying to out write me in an email and just talk to me
  • obnoxious alarm radio turn down the volume or rather turn it off
  • Annoying Garmin Voiceno matter what voice I choose, they are ALL annoying
  • Bill Payis it REALLY that convenient?

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Put the phone down… — 17 Comments

  1. I am constantly attached to my phone and ipad. The upside of the technology, though, is that my kids can talk and see their dad every day while he is deployed so it is truly a blessing for me. However, I wish I could get back those days that I lost when I used to be addicted to candy crush.

  2. Haha! Your hubby’s answers had me laughing . Nice post!

    I hate my phone so I didn’t understand why I was so attached to my cell phone. It was silly. I down graded to the cheapest phone available, so hard to text that I just call. If I’m not home, I don’t call. Got rid of the internet on my iPod touch. Can’t use internet in restaurants or out with the kids.

    Those things are so distracting. They waste our time and energy – and money. It’s like a sinkhole. I had to stop.

  3. Cleaning? What cleaning? Dog walking? What dog? Grocery shopping? What groceries? I could go on and on but I simply must dash back to my phone and catch up on all great those tweets I’m missing…
    Great post – love it.

  4. I need to upgrade my HootSuite account so I can add more social media accounts to it. It would keep things in better order for me.

    I am not a huge fan of texting so that one is out for me.

    Totally agree with needing more time to write and read blogs.

    I don’t pay for cable. It’s a waste of money. We have Netflix and plus all the good shows are on the internet the day after anyway.

  5. The Garmin voice made me laugh! My husband recently selected a voice that is super annoying. He says he thinks we can’t change it unless he hooks it back up tot he computer. You are so right! Much of technology is so not needed! I think I’m using internet mostly because of blogging. If it weren’t for that, I don’t think I would be on it much. I enjoy writing and connecting with people, though so blogging is definitely something I’ve come to love and enjoy. 🙂

  6. I’ve seen whole families at a 4th of July fireworks show looking at their smart phones instead of the fireworks, lol. I do think they’re addicting. I don’t have one but my grown children do (and my oldest son’s wife) and they all love them! Just swinging by to say hi.

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