CollageDino had a blast this Halloween

He had a party at daycare where he got this as his favorite treat. His teacher, Ms. Kate, made this little trail mix for them…anything with poop is golden! Dino was in his glory eating ghost poop.

1031131719aThen we went trick or treating in town, thanks to a friend on Facebook, we knew the times we could head out for some Halloween fun. He was excited by all the costumes, but we saw LOTS of little kids as Iron Man and one Captain America, but no Hulk or Thor. We saw a HUGE banana, birthday cake, and Lego piece. Next year Dino wants to be a monster or an Avenger…at least he has a whole year to decide.

spiderman web graphics smile graphics leaves graphics

getting ready for battleHow was your Halloween? Did you get to go trick or treating?



  1. AW! You’ve got to love a smiling Spider Man! He looks SO happy!! I love it. He’s the cutest thing ever!! –Lisa

  2. Dino, seriously is too cute for words. Lily started running a fever late the night before Halloween and of course was running a high grade fever on Halloween. Took her to the pediatrician in the morning. They ran all sorts of tests and just viral. She slept the afternoon away the poor thing and ended up having Kevin take Emma trick or treating while I stayed back with her. Thankfully, she is better today, but the poor thing missed most of the fun yesterday. So, mommy guilt on high alert right now!!

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