What’s For Dinner?


I know I haven’t posted or read blogs in a while. There is so much to do and I miss reading all that everyone is up to. I will get back to my regular posting and checking out all your blogs. I truly wish there was more time in each day to do all the things I need to do.

So, now for today’s post….

collageChicken tenders with creamy pasta and veggies is always a simple meal and a Dino favorite. As you know I marinate my chicken in baggies and toss in bread crumbs, and shake it up…has to be simple and quick. I bake them in the oven and they come out superb. Pasta Roni is great for a quick pasta and all you have to do is add veggies to the pot as it simmers.

chicken tenders chicken and noodles

He devoured his chicken first, then ate most of his pasta and all of his veggies. Okay…I did bribe him with a Hershey Kiss…but at least he ate, right?

all doneI tried something new for myself. I bought pre-cut squash and cut up an apple. I seasoned it with olive oil, butter, honey, and Goya seasoning. It was beyond amazing. While it was not a Dino favorite, it was a mommy favorite.

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  1. Totally have missed you and figured you had to be busy with work and such, but seriously happy to see you back!! That said I have been making a butternut squash with a nutmeg, bit of honey, cinnamon and maple syrup and it truly delicious. Totally a fan and love this time of year now for that veggie alone!! 🙂

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