Way Back When…

way back when Collage

Finish the Sentence FridayThis week’s sentence is ”One of my favorite childhood memories is…

bagels every Sunday. Every Sunday my dad would go out and get the papers, bagels, and rolls. It was our family tradition to sit around, read the paper, dunk our bagels/rolls in coffee. Hey don’t knock it…it’s beyond yummy and the coffee afterwards is divine. Whenever I do this it always brings me back to being at home, when times were simple and there were no worries in my world.

Now there are no photos of that…but my father found a BUNCH of old photos that really blew my mind. Wow…time flies way too fast.

Now I look at my son…WOW…I am where my parents were thirty years ago. Boy how time flies and lives change. It seems like only yesterday I was a little girl playing with my toys…now I have a child of my own. One day he will look back at pictures of himself as a young child…and what will I feel? What will I think? What do my parents feel right now?

do you see my horrible hair-fro…if only I could go back in time with my hair products…sighs. I’m guessing this is Christmas morning or close to it.

me and my sisterlook at my hipster parents…LOL.

me and my parents

Me with both set of Grandparents…

all grandparentsMy dad’s parents Grandpa Freddy and Grandma Angie

granpa fred and grandma angie karenMy mom’s parents Grandpa Tommy and Grandma Betty

dessert with GT GBcake

Is that a dog sitting between us?

me and momEnjoying a vacation with my dad…

with dad in holderI see my son’s silly smile in my face…wow.

me smilingMy parents sill have Rudolph…me and tree

playdough creation anthony tree


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  1. I love way back when pictures. LOL at the hair-fro. I love looking back at my old pictures to see my son as well. I remember those Christmas ornaments on your way back when tree. If velcro touched them they were ruined. I don’t think velcro touched them, I they were easily fro Christmas ornaments after a year of being thrown in the box with everything else. LOL! We either had those or the one that were like egg shells.

  2. First off, you look so much like your mom and then Dino looks like you. Truly loved seeing that in these photos and I must tell you I still love looking at old photos from when I was a kid. the memories truly always flood back to me and my mom and I were just talking about this. I have so many memories and still can’t believe how many creep up at the craziest times now, but I guess having our own kids will indeed do that to you. Thank you so much Karen for sharing and linking up. Really so glad to have you back and you have no idea how much I missed you. I think I checked you blog daily to make sure I didn’t somehow miss a new post from you! Crazy I know (especially because I follow you all over), but still very much missed you!

    • I missed you too babe…slolwy I’m getting back into an organized routine…I can’ go anywhere, I need you all so much…blogging is so important to me.

  3. AW! I love your photos, and too see your son’s smile in your little-girl face! How cool that your parents still have Rudolph. My dad made me come get all my old stuff like that a few years ago, so now I have a box filled with worn-out toys that I’ll never give up!

  4. What an treasure! Pictures really say so much more than we can. Your family has come full circle; until the little man has his own family. I really enjoyed this post, Karen. I especially love that your parent still have Rudolph!

  5. Oh my gosh. Dino looks just like you (minus the fro). Haha! Lovin’ the hair but you couldn’t help it. It was the time.

    I am really loving the pictures, Karen. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It is such fun to look back! Even at other people’s photos & see what we all experienced in common. So glad you shared these. I visited from The SITS Sharefest this morning! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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