MY Wish List

Okay, now I could be generous and thoughtful and wish wonderful things for others…but I want to make this fun. So this is MY wish list…if at all possible…which I KNOW will never happen. But I CAN dream so why not…

wish listNow onto…This week’s Listicles:

sleep – YES I said it. I want sleep. I want to actually sleep, fall into a deep sleep for eight hours straight. I want to know what it feels like to wake up rested. What a FOOL I was in my teens and twenties to think I didn’t need sleep.

sleeppersonal chef – I want a personal chef to cook some meals. there are times I love to cook, other times I want to press a button and *POOF* the chef will appear and know what I want him/her to cook…and magically all the ingredients will be there.


housekeeper – if only I could have someone come and clean my home…just swoop in, vacuum, dust, wash all the curtains and bedding, clean the couches and pillows, just once a month and I’d be so happy.

Magic housekeeper – I want another housekeeper to do things tat need to be done when I don’t have time. What things you ask…well…make the bed on the mornings I am running late, was the dishes at night when I am too tired to even look at the kitchen, repair/tidy up our couches from the Balboa and Dino destruction, clear off our table in the dining area…and the list goes on. The BEST part is that they would know when they are needed and NOT have to be asked…sighs…just imagine that!!!!!!

messdriver – While I do love driving to work and listening to books on CD, there are times when I want to sleep. Wouldn’t it be nice to be driven to work and back home…sighs.

magic closet – imagine a closet is bigger than it looks…a simple button makes it five times bigger than it is and provides you with all the outfits you could wear…sighs…

Yes, I know that WASN’T Ten…but I didn’t want to be greedy, LOL.

What’s on your wish list?

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MY Wish List — 11 Comments

  1. I actually am guesting over at Coach Daddy next week and sent him 8 things that most mom’s have on their holiday wish list and of course sleep and a self cleaning house were tops on my list, too! Seriously, loved your list and yes I truly wish for a few of these, too!! 🙂

  2. Oh, the magic housekeeper. It would definitely be magical to have someone just come and pick up the messes that happen throughout the day. Oh yea, that’s us to everyone else isn’t it? Hmmmmm

    Here’s hoping you get at least a little extra sleep over the holidays!

  3. Oh, these are all good things! I would love a blogging assistant. You know, someone who makes sure all of my things are being posted in various places to draw traffic and such. That would be so good. It takes me 45 minutes to do that each morning and it takes up my workout time. So that means I have to workout at night. I’m getting used to it but still.

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