Lunch, Dinner, Leftovers, or ALL of the above?


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I had a few food related things to post about…so why not just do it all at once? Right?

To start off with I need to start capturing more of our lunches. This will help me record what ideas I have and keep me from overloading my own lunch bag.

One of my lunches: sandwich, veggie sticks, peanut butter and jelly crackers, NutriGrain bar, pretzels, and apples. mommy lunchTwo of Dino’s lunches

sandwich, carrots with ranch dressing, raisins veggie sticks, cheese sticks, fishies, and flavored water. He gets a lunch, morning snack and afternoon snack. They also provide snacks there on occasion and get gets a bottle of water in which they refill as often as needed.

dino lunch1 Another lunch…carrots with ranch dressing, flavored water, apples, pretzels, fishies, and going to add oatmeal in the am.

dino lunchNow you are probably wondering about the sandwiches…well I am glad you asked. Now I try to eat healthier bread, sometimes I do and other times I give in have the white bread that Daddy and Dino love. Instead of mayo though, Dino and I LOVE hummus on our bread. That’s right…HUMMUS instead of mayo. It’s tastier and healthier.

sandwich collageThis post is also about dinner…now while in the middle of the fridge disaster (that will be a future post as soon as it is settled). I made a BIG dinner. I had to get rid of some things and not have to worry about cooking as much for the next day.

We had meatballs and pasta I made the night before

meatballsChicken parm tenderloins I made that night

chicken cutletsMommy knows it’s a good meal when everyone is too busy eating to talk or play. Dino had to be like his daddy and sit on the couch and eat. (If you don’t already know we have a super small apt and the other chairs for our table is the couch).


boys eating2 boys eatingNow we have TONS of leftovers for the next day…heck we can even made them into meatball or chicken sandwiches.



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  1. This post just made me more hungry then I already am this morning. When is dinner? But seriously, I never thought of using hummus (not a mayo fan and usually use honey mustard), but love the hummus idea and thank you for sharing that!! 🙂

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