Christmas as a Mom

Finish the Sentence FridayThis week’s sentence is My favorite Christmas Tradition is..”

…enjoying Christmas through my son’s eyes. Yes I know it;s not really tradition, but to me is another reason I love being a mom. You all know how difficult it was for me to become a mom. I spent so many days/nights crying scared that so many moments of my life would be childless. Now watching Dino open gifts on Christmas morning is just another joy of motherhood.Watching Dino light up when he sees Santa or watches a Christmas movie swells my heart with love.

The gift of Dino is the best EVERYDAY gift I ever got. He makes the holidays truly special and momentous.


The Christmas I was prego with Dino…before it all changed for Balboa.

PB300006Then Christmases meant more to me than I could ever explain



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2011-12-25_07-22-19_656 2011-12-25_07-22-13_375 2011-12-25_07-21-20_13IMG_2467 Each year he understands more and I look forward to another wonderful holiday and the moments I will cherish forever

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  1. You said it perfectly, Karen and feel the same way with my girls and Christmas. I just so love seeing it through their eyes and get so excited for sure for this time of the year. I already volunteered for both their Christmas parties next week at school, because I seriously don’t want to miss a moment of this with them now. And seriously got teary eyed reading and seeing all the pictures of Anthony!! 🙂

  2. AW!!! I adored seeing the baby dino pics and then the progression each year. I, too, thought I’d never be a mom and feel so blessed to now be one!!

  3. The hulk hands are awesome. That first picture of little Dino is SO stinking cute!!! I think this is a beautiful tradition. It forces you to slow down and enjoy the season and life. I should take something away from this…

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