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PicMonkey CollageIn the past I have done the Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop…but I know my limits. In order for me to stay organized at home, school and in life I have to give up the blog hop.


I am still going to post about organization on Thursdays. I continue to follow the FlyLady method, I think it is efficient, smart, and easy. I have started to print out all the chores(that relate to us) to be done in each zone and hung it on our bulletin board. Hubby is aware that we both have to take part in the chores since we both live here. It is not fair for one person to do it all when we both work full time.

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He agreed, especially after I reminded him that a man who helps clean is a sexy man. He has a done a few things in zone 2, the kitchen. Since we have a small kitchen it gets done faster. By the end of the week the kitchen will be pristine and in good shape. We of course keep clutter down, keep it clean and when we get back to it in five weeks, it won’t be in bad shape. It’s all about maintaining the organization and cleaning.

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items in read have already been completed

Now, as a teacher I do have off several weeks during the school year and in the summer. When I am off and my son is in daycare, I feel it’s only fair to do more of the chores as I am home and available to do so.

I don’t follow the FlyLady routine one hundred percent. I do change around the chores in each zone to fit our life and don’t buy her products. I am on a tight budget and was able to recreate her supplies with my own resources. While I still do the swish and swipe, I do it at night. My son started getting up in the early morning hours to use the bathroom. As he leaned forward, extremely exhausted, against the bottom of the seat I cringed in horror. I had not yet cleaned the toilet, it was then I decided to clean it each night while he got ready for bed. Now I don’t have to worry about how how filthy it is at three in the morning, I know it’s clean.

What was on your cleaning schedule this week? How do you handle chores in your house?

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  1. Huge props for all you do get done with organizing, because even being home, I still find myself having trouble with this and will totally stay tuned when you do share more on this with us. 🙂

  2. Having a regular routine like this is a great habit. As you said, its good to not become legalistic, as this just makes everyone feel badly. There are some “major” projects that I do when I’ve got a big chunk of time, such as clean out the pantry, wash everything in the china cabinet, empty and sweep the garage, etc. These are probably once a year jobs. For the kitchen, I often empty, sort and clean one drawer a week. Your kitchen looks sparkly:)

  3. Looks like you are making great progress on the kitchen!! I’m trying to get organized too this year. Just like you, I have found a system that works, but don’t use all the tools available to me in that system. Thank you for joining the Thumping Thursday bloghop.

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