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Finish the Sentence FridayThis week’s sentence is ”If I had a million dollars…I would

pay off all our debt…it would be nice to not have to worry about car payments, medicals bills, student loans, and credit cards. Imagine paying ahead on all insurances and utilities.

buy a small house in our town and by BUY, I mean own it outright. I would pay it in full and never have to worry about a mortgage payment again. Now I am sure you are asking what do I mean by a small house. Well, I mean a three bedroom, one and half bathroom, small garage, basement, driveway, and a yard. I’m not asking for too much, am I?

add money to my son’s college fund. This is a must!!!! I am saving now and add anything I can to his account. I am sure by the time he goes to college one semester will cost more than a car loan.

AND YES…I would keep working, all the money I make would be added to our savings, vacations, and retirement funds.

Now if I had TWO million dollars I would give the rest to my family



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  1. We worked really hard to scrimp & save and paid off all our debt – except car and house – a couple years ago. It is so liberating! I would LOVE to pay off our car and house, too.

  2. I totally agree with you, but the only difference is I would work at a job I absolutely would love! Not that I don’t like my job, but I would want to do something fun… like be a librarian or something like that!

  3. It’s been interesting to read all of the responses to this one… pretty much everyone wants the same things, to be finished with debt, to share with their kids, to have a place to live… the idea that everyone wants fancy cars and vacations doesn’t seem to be true, does it? I’m with you; debt free is the way to go!

    • yeah…I just want to live knowing I don’t owe anything and never feeling like I am living paycheck to paycheck again…it;s all gone as soon as it;s deposited…so scary.

  4. I think debt is the top subject in most people’s minds, and paying it off is a top goal.
    But you’re also right about college. As the mom of one kid in his first year and the second about to start next year I can say that the more you save for college the better.
    I think that even without the million dollars (or two) you have a great plan and you’re working towards your goals. Good for you.

    • thanks babe…now I just need the money. LOLOLOL… I think I have enough saved for one or two books for him…though back when I was in college it could buy the book store.

  5. I have one problem with your list. You need 2.5 bathrooms if you’re gonna go for 3 bedrooms. You don’t want everyone (especially if you have company) using your bathroom, so that’s one master bath, a main bath, and a half bath downstairs. 😉 As for work, the way health insurance is going, everyone is going to have to work until they die just to pay for insurance … or meet their deductibles!

    • LOL…hubby and I have had one bathroom our entire relationship…so two would be a LUXURY, but I see your point. Yes…tehe flipping health insurance…I think I blocked it out..

  6. HAHAH I love that “small” is three bedrooms and the rest of the rooms you need, but it’s really true, isn’t it? I mean, when we are young, we think that two bedrooms is luxury, but then we grow up, have a kid and realize we need room for the office stuff, the guest room (hahah ours are all the same here the guests sleep on a futon). Love your sentence!

    • I grew up in a three bedroom, my sister and I each had our own rooms, but now, it;s a two bedroom and if guests stay over who knows where they will sleep, LOl

  7. Debt-free living would be nice, wouldn’t it? No worries about a giant mortgage payment every month. Ahhh, I like the sound of that.

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