Meal Plan Continued

lleftover collageLast week I spoke about two meals…TWO GREAT MEALS from last week’s meal plan. I wanted to share the rest of the meals with you today.

Dino loved the RICE AND BEANS, it was simple and cheap. Plus, it was meatless…therefore saving healthy and saving money.


  • white rice
  • canned black beans
  • canned diced tomatoes
  • sliced and shredded cheddar cheese


  • In a cast iron skillet I cooked the black beans and diced tomatoes and added Mrs. Dash siesta lime seasoning with a bit of goya seasoning.
  • At the same time I cooked a cup of rice, adding butter and olive oil to the water.
  • After the rice was drained I mixed it all together in the cast iron skillet.
  • Then layering as I went along…layer of rice mixture, cheese, layer of rice mixture, cheese…etc

IT CAME OUT AWESOME. Dino loved it and even asked for it again!

rice and beans

rice and beans2Hubby was actually home early one night, so I made the sausage and ziti while I made the pork cutlets.   Somehow we moms can do it all, right? Cook dinner, set the table, empty out lunch bags, and pack lunches.

I bought shake and bake, only because it was on sale. Now I have the four pack of shake and bake, which is awesome. Four thin sliced pork cutlets came out great.

Dino and I enjoyed our pork cutlets with the ziti, while hubby enjoyed his sausage.

The next night it was leftovers…rice and beans, pasta with chick peas and veggies, and pork cutlets…IT WAS A BIG HIT…Between Dino and I we ate like royalty and still had enough to freeze two small dinners. It was wonderful.

leftoversLast night I made spaghetti, red clam sauce, and green beans. It was delicious and perfect for a Monday when it’s a rush to get home and get dinner on the table fast. Dino didn’t like it, which I knew would happen, but at least he ate some leftover over chicken nuggets.

I am not going to post this week’s meal plan. I will post that next Tuesday…with pic of all the meals.

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  1. Without a doubt our favorite around here is “leftover night”. Whatever was leftover from the week goes up on the counter and everyone goes through the line picking what they want. It’s a night I know everyone will be happy.

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