Dino Reads about Dinosaurs and Santa

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Hi everyone, Dino here. My mom originally wrote this post from her POV, but we talked and decided to change it. Instead of my story being on Saturdays, I am going to post on the same Wednesdays as the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I love books and think this is a good way to talk about them and my story. Mommy reads me books every night in bed…it’s our special thing to do. I get to pick three books, two if I choose to stay up a bit later and play. Most times I choose to read three books. Mommy asks me lots of questions about the books, which is fun to answer and show her how smart I am.

When I slept over my Pop Pop and La La’s house, Pop Pop read me three books. He posted about it on Facebook

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Kid Lit Blog HopMommy hosted a giveaway a LONG time ago for some of Sherill S. Cannon’s books. You can see that here. I loved reading Santa’s Birthday Gift during Christmas. I always wondered if Santa knew Jesus and if they were buddies and they are! I bet they talk all the time.

Mommy wanted to add: It was a great way to connect our faith with the magic of Santa. I make sure to convey the magic of Santa, so no matter how old he gets and no matter what he believes, he will always believe in the magic of Santa. I pray he keeps that magic alive for his kids as well. 

Kid Lit Blog Hop
My La La found this book at a book fair. It belonged to other kids before me and they decided they no longer wanted it. I am so glad I have it now, it’s fun to read and I remembered what is on each page. Mommy says I am super smart and have a great memory. I agree. Mommy and I have fun reading the end of this book. The last page looks like they farted, so we pretend they are talking and farting. I asked Mommy to write what they say and she did. What a good Mommy. 
Mommy wanted to add: I love seeing previous names on books, what a wonderful history and to know that this book brought joy to more than just Dino is magical. Sure some of the facts are outdated, but the love of dinosaurs is still there. My mother found a new copy of the book and what a treasure it is. .
Yes, we pretend they are farting on the last page…he’s a boy and I’m a mom of a boy…and  farts are funny.

dino book fartAnd now for some pics of me playing with dinosaurs. Want to play with me? 

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Dino Reads about Dinosaurs and Santa — 10 Comments

  1. My girls are still talking about Santa and telling me that he will come again next year. And by the way, Lily not only gets a charge out of her own farts, but her burps, too. So, totally not just a boy thing, lol!! 🙂

  2. My daughter is still talking about Santa, as well. This was the first year that she could really understand what was going on. By which I mean, she understands that Santa is magic and brings presents, but sometimes she still says that he brings Hanukkah. (We’re raising her with Jewish traditions–but Christmas is a special occasion for her mixed faith extended family).

    I also love books with history. It’s so much fun to see the names and dedications written in them and to know that other kids got joy from a book, as well.

    Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

    • I am really going to cherish the books he read and don’t know if I could donate them…maybe I’ll have to scan them or take pics of them…truly a wonderful memory reading a night

  3. Grandparents can be very good at choosing books for their grandchildren! My son also loves Dinos so we’ll have to keep our eyes open for this one.

    We also read Santa’s Birthday Gift and enjoyed it. We have it packed carefully away with our Christmas decorations so that we can bring it out again each year.

    Have a great weekend!

    • It;s an old book, so it may be a bit harder to find…though my parents first found it at a book fair then on Amazon… Yes a great book to read every Christmas…

  4. We really loved Santa’s Birthday Gift as well and Sherrill is just so wonderful – glad you had a chance to meet her. I love how she brings together the legend of Santa Claus with the faith-based story of Baby Jesus. it’s really well done. Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop! 🙂

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