In the Bathroom and Dino’s Room with FlyLady

bathroom and dino room collage2Last week I wrote about our kitchen organization and cleaning, you can read that here. Hubby did a few chores last week. This week he has dived in full force and I am so happy about that.We both work full time, therefore we both need to put equal amounts of time into keeping our place clean and organized. I can feel the stress and pressure lifting off of me and in turn making me a nicer wife.

PicMonkey CollageWill it stay as clean as we left it? NOPE, but it gives it a good cleaning for the next few weeks.

Sure Dino’s toys will be all over the place again, but the broken ones are gone and the items he “borrows” from the kitchen and dining area are all back in their correct spots. Sure items will get buried under the bed…then in a few weeks, we will do it all again! 

The toilet is always cleaned (swish and swipe) each night and every few days I clean up the hair and grime in the bathroom with a just used washcloth. I have to clean his bath toys every week, but when focusing on this zone, I give them a SUPER STRENGTH cleaning.

What did you clean/organize this week? How do you split chores in your house? .



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  1. Love that you both spilt up the chores in your home. I will say I just also cleaned up this past weekend, but sure by the end of the week, I will need to again, but nice to know that for the most part things are organized here, too and just more cleaning not full on organization needs to be done now for the most part for now.

    • it was not an easy battle to split the chores. He either has to help or I get a cleaning lady to come once or twice a month. Now, in the summer, that’s a different story, if I am home all day I have no problem doing all the cleaning.

      It always gets messed up again…but you are right for the time being it;s a great feeling.

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