I Barely Escaped

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Finish the Sentence FridayThis week’s sentence is ”I once saw the biggest…spider in my life.”

Not only was the it the biggest, but I almost walked face first into it. I am positive it had every intention of jumping on my face and sucking the life right out of me. Or worse…it wanted to get in my mouth and eat me from the inside out.

Let me set the scene for you. It was at night, not sure of the time, but it was dark. I was at my mother in laws house many years ago, pre-Dino, and we were leaving her condo. As I walked happily in front of my husband, our cousins behind him, we headed towards the stairs.

Now these were concrete stairs with black metal railings on both sides and tall bushes behind the railings – the perfect hiding spot for an evil, human-killing spider.

I started down the stairs at a fast pace, and thank God I looked up and was face to face with the largest spider I have every seen. It was in a HUMONGOUS web that connected to both the bushes and railings…it had to be the size of my face, legs included in that measurement.  I don’t know how, but I stopped moving forward without falling on my butt and jumped back. By doing this I knocked my husband and cousins back. They ran forward thinking there was an evil lurker, dangerous animal, or serial killer.

My husband, in all his usual all fears except mine are silly, waved me off. My cousin agreed that it was a big spider and we walked down the ramp to get to our cars. What did my husband do? I’m not sure. Did he kill the spider? I DOUBT IT. Did he put it back in the bushes? DOUBT IT. He probably admired it and moved on…leaving the murderous spider to catch another victim and drag it into the bushes.

I have a horrific fear of spider, I think a spider may have landed on my face as a child. To make matters worse, I am always looking to see if spiders are crawling on me or swear I see spiders lurking on the walls waiting to eat me alive. Once my hubby tried to kill a spider on the ceiling, even though he hates to kill them. Whether it was dead or alive, I truly believe alive, it came flying towards me and I almost died. Another time a spider jumped on my cheek as I drove my son home from school. I had the windows open and it came right in. I swear it’s an order of death from that spider many years ago…one day he will find me and get me. *shivers*

This is another reason why I HATE summer, in the brittle cold there are no spiders around me. 


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  1. My husband is similar to yours and doesn’t like to kill them, me not so much and seriously will kill a spider before I would let it get near me. So, totally can relate and definitely not a fan of spiders here either. Thanks as always for linking with us and Happy (almost) Friday 🙂

  2. Remember the time you were taking a shower at home and screamed that a spider was in the tub? Of course I took care of it. But as I left, I commented now you have to worry about the baby spiders. That`s when the real screaming started.

    • that is the thing that freaks me out most about camping…and I am afraid I have taught Dino to fear them too. hubby is mad about that…oh well…they are evil.

  3. Reminds me of a story I wince wrote a post about. My youngest is terrified of all bugs. Once we were driving and she started screaming bloody murder. Honestly, I thought she was dying. I whipped the car off the road and jumped out. What was she screaming about? The tiniest spider I have ever seen on the ceiling of the car. I am not a fan of bugs or spiders, but I almost couldn’t even see this one it was so small – and she FREAKED OUT! Funny now, but at the moment – not so much! 🙂

  4. OMG I HATE spiders. All bugs, really (except fireflies because they are cool). Once, I thought a spider went down my shirt. I stripped naked and it turned out to be a hair. For real. I can totally kill a spider but I’m always afraid they’ll jump on me, too. SHUDDER! Blech.

  5. OMG did you have see Cape Fear with Robert DeNiro? At least I think that was the movie. I’ve never seen it again but I remember a part where a lady’s face was swelling from a spider bite or something and thing at some point baby spiders came out of her cheek. EWWWW. Oh geez. I should have read your post in the morning. Now I have to think about something pretty really hard to get that image out of my head 😉 Oooh and I hate in when I walk through one strand or whatever you would call it of a web. Man if I walked into a big one I would FREAK!

    • OMG…I am so flipping freaked out now Kenya, LOL. I do fear waking up to a spider in my mouth….That definitely wasn’t cape fear, but some other movie I am glad I have never seen.

      • I wonder why I made the Cape Fear connection. Probably a common character. I’m am going to have to put on my research hat for that one. I can see it clear as day. I can’t think of the female character either. But whenever I’ve seen her in anything else, I say, “That’s the lady that had the spiders come out of her face.” Okay I’ll stop talking now 😉

        • I am DYING To know the movie now…yes, I will probably watch it, just because I am sick and twisted and then cry for weeks and have nightmares!!!!! OMG…I need to know…going to search now too. LOLOL

  6. My sister got bitten by a brown recluse this year and you are right about those suckers! If she hadn’t have figured out how to treat it, her dr was NO help, she would have had to have reconstructive surgery on her leg!
    I promised her I would post her pictures in a post one day, I will let you know when I do! Keep that healthy fear alive my friend!

  7. I don’t care for spiders either! Especially if they are staring me in the face. I try to have the exterminator out a couple of times a year just because I don’t even want to see one. Ever.

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