Our Meal Plan January 12th-18th


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PicMonkey CollageChicken Parm with Noodles – I have been trying to cut down on pasta sauce. I find it acidic which upsets my stomach. Instead I’ve been relying on Pasta Roni and Knorr Pasta Sides to compliment dishes. As always Chicken parm is a bit hit in my house…I did keep a small can of sauce just for the chicken parm. Any other suggestions on what I can use instead of sauce?

chicken parm collagePasta with Red Clam Sauce – I unfortunately already had the red clam sauce, but there wasn’t a lot of it so it didn’t upset my stomach. Dino didn’t like it, but I had left over chicken nuggets so he was happy.

clam sauce collageWhite Rice, Black Beans, Diced Tomatoes, and Cheese – this has become a HUGE staple for me and Dino. We love it, so tasty and filling.

rice and bean CollageSoup with Chilli Fries – I was supposed to have this as a meal, but nixed that. Instead I had Wedding Style Soup (not homemade) and we had the Leftovers. Dino and I loved scooping up the Rice mixture with tortilla chips. He even had soup and the leftover noodles. He LOVES leftovers as much as his mommy.

leftovers collageRavioli, Spinach, Beans, This was a bit hit as well. The beans and spinach added a healthy twist and Dino was happy. I sauteed white beans, olive oil, water, goya seasoning, and spinach in a cast iron skillet. When the raviolis were done, I poured the mean sauce over the raviolis…IT CAME OUT GREAT…healthy and meatless.

raviolis collageTakeout – Since Dino was sleeping over my parents house so I made dinner for just the two of us. Mac and Cheese chicken parm tenders. There were only four tenders and I used a balsamic and olive oil mixture instead of sauce. It tasted great and our tummy’s felt better afterwards.

What are some alternatives do you use instead of tomato sauce?

What was or is on your meal plan?

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Our Meal Plan January 12th-18th — 10 Comments

  1. All yummy meals and Chicken Parm is one of my favorites. Kevin has a touch of acid reflux and sometimes regular spaghetti sauce has bother him. I make a fresh room temperature sauce with canned (or you dice fresh tomatoes) diced tomatoes. I add olive oil, red wine vinegar, minced garlic and sometimes olives, too. Not sure if that would for you, but I know it doesn’t seem to bother Kevin as much when we have this.

  2. I feel like I need an actual recipe for the White Rice, Black Beans, Diced Tomatoes, and Cheese. It looks absolutely delicious and it got TWO thumbs up. I think my people would love it, but I’m scared I’m not going to do it right if I try to wing it! –Lisa

    • Lisa, it was so simple, seriously. I opened a can of beans and a can of tomatoes and threw it in the cast iron skillet. I added seasoning of my choice (I used mrs dash siesta lime mix and goya adobo mix) and cooked it for a bit…until I knew the beans were cooked through. Then I cooked 1 cup of rice according to directions…once it was done I mixed the rice into the beans and tomatoes. Once it was all mixed up, I scooped a layer into a container, added cheese, scooped another layer, added cheese…etc until I cheese on top… IT was tasty, cheese, and perfect and SUPER EASY.

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