In the Master Bedroom with FlyLady

master bedroom collage2Last week I wrote about Dino’s room and bathroom organization and cleaning, you can read that here. Hubby did an amazing job last week…he helped so much and made me a happy wife. Who doesn’t love a happy wife? a few chores last week. This week was a bit weird, we did work on Monday, since we were both off, but with the storms and hubby’s hours all messed up Tuesday and Wednesday were a bit messed up. I am sure he’ll get back into the routine today and Friday.

master bedroom collage checked offPicMonkey CollageEven with a small bedroom, I needed a laundry area…and it works now. Under the drying rack I have a basket for delicate clothes, bag for towels and sheets, and all my crochet storage. Eventually I’ll get a nice basket for crocheting supplies.

our bedroomNow Hubby has made the bedroom more of his “man area” which is fine. I don’t get too worried as long as it’s clean…well mostly clean…our bedroom3 our bedroom2Any tips on how to give the bedroom a nicer touch…even if it’s a manly look.

What did you clean/organize this week? How do you split chores in your house? 


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  1. We are all thrown off with the holiday on Monday and the snow Tuesday into today, but was kind of a nice break too. As for the bedroom, thankfully Kevin and I actually have similar tasteson this for the most part, but still I add my own little touches here and there, I suppose 🙂

  2. A made bed always looks better. Perhaps you need hooks on the back of your closet for a place to put the items on the head board. It’s a pretty headboard. Add some throw pillows. How about some art on the wall?

    Once the laundry is dry, get it put away. What is on the floor in front of the AC? Can that be put away? Hide those electric cords to the left of the TV.

    Just some thoughts. I know it isn’t easy. Good luck.

    Thanks for being part of the Blog Hop.

    – Alma, The Tablescaper

    • I’ve always ignored the bedroom anyway…not many people see it…but you are right…Art would be nice and OMG the electric cords..I think it’s his way of showing he’s a man…annoys me to no end.

  3. You are so sweet to ask our opinions- best way to organize is simply a little at a time. My best trick is a three basket system. keep, throw and donate, Onceyou know what to keep, bins and pretty boxes work well. Even in a small space a few nice boxes stacked may help with space saving, decor and organizing all in one.Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop . Big Hugs

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