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I think I wrote about this before. I just can’t change my name…it’s who I am and what makes me, ME. I had a difficult time coming up with a list. First I was going to write all the names Dino and Hubby call me. Then I thought of a list of titles that I should be called. I just couldn’t finish either list.

So I decided to go with nicknames we have for Dino and Balboa.


Big Boy Little Man – I called Dino this when he was in the NICU and until he was about a year old. 

Dinosaur – Obviously at a young age he would roar like a dinosaur. I still don’t know how he doesn’t have a sore throat at the end of the day.

Fart Pod – Hubby calls Dino this because of his loud and smelly farts. Who knew a little guy could fart that loud.

Buddy – Also a Hubby nickname for Dino, they are buddies.

Dude – my nickname for Dino when he is being silly.

Stinky – Yes, I call my son stinky. Why? When he hugs me just to fart on me…yeah…He’s stinky. . 


Boobalas – Where did I get this? I am not sure, it just started one day and he answers to this as well.

Cuddle Bug – a vet called him that and it stuck, he really is a cuddle bug. Though now he just pushes his butt against you so you can rub it.

Love Bug – I swear he wants to be friends with everyone and will love you forever if you scratch is butt, behind his ears, or his belly.

Pippick – Hubby heard this nickname from a former co-worker and he LOVES it as a nickname for Balboa. .

 What nicknames do you have for your kid(s) / pet(s)?

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  1. My husband is the king of nicknames… especially for the dog. Sometimes I think he doesn’t remember her real name:) But nicknames are a great way to feel intimate and connected, aren’t they?

  2. Laughing at some of those nick names for Dino! Boys!! 🙂

    I always said my little guy was a “little man” because he acted so much older when he was little.

    And Peanut, well that was her nickname, given to her from a nurse at the hospital. Her daddy calls her critter.

  3. all my kids have -ee names.

    Ava is Avee or little girl.
    Hadyn is Haydee
    Grayson is Gracyee or Gray or Gray Babe or Bubba or baby Gray Day or little guy. He answers to all of those, including his own name – which I find to be amazing. I still maintain that his middle name should be Allan. This way, we could call him Graycee Allan. Haha!

  4. I feel ya on not wanting any other name than my own, and great job on coming up with an alternative list that fits with the theme! Nicknames are so much fun.. especially the super silly ones that don’t make any sense but fit just the same.

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