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Meatballs and Noodles. We used pre-cooked meatballs and Knorr Parmesan Bacon Noodles and threw in some green beans. A big hit for dinner. We even had leftovers…How great is that? meatball and noodle CollagePotato Bar…so tried this on my own without a recipe. I cut potatoes, baked them in the oven, scooped out the insides. Mixed the potatoes with shredded cheese, almond milk, and butter. Scooped the mixture back in, baked for another five minutes to melt them…then left them in the oven till ready.

We had spinach, olives, cheese, meatballs, and tacos shreds as toppings. I did NOT have bacon bits…but next time I will. Dino ate one…then asked me to take out the mixture and mix it up with his meatballs. I LOVED them and Hubby liked them. I had a bunch leftover for an appetizer or mini meal. During dinner Dino felt like it was a good time to cuddle with Daddy and tell him about his day. He’s such a loving and sweet kid.

potatoe Collage

Again, not using tomato sauce so I decided to experiment with the chicken parm…though I guess it’s not really chicken parm then. I used a combo of ranch and poppy seed dressing. It gave it a sweet flavor mixed with the cheese. It was a big hit with veggies and chicken flavored noodles.

chicken parm collage

French Bread Pizza. I should have bought two breads…but I think I’m going with Italian bread next time. I didn’t use any sauce, but should have thought about a replacemeant ahead of time. Dino still enjoyed his veggie pizza…though we should have added the veggies first then the cheese.

For my pizza I sauteed peas in olive oil and seasoning and added balsamic vinegar at the last second. It tasted so good as a sauce. Dino refused to try it, but it was pretty stinky.

pizza CollageRice and Beans is our favorite and even better with tortilla chips. Dino just loves eating these.

rice bean CollageDino slept over his La La and Pop Pop’s house this weekend and Tony was camping with his boy scout troop. So I had left over Rice and Beans and saved the pork Cutlets for another night.

Yes, Balboa gets a bit of all our food each night mixed with his own dog food. Does he LOVE my meals? Well, let’s just say Balboa will eat ANYTHING you put in front of him…

What’s on your meal plan?

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  1. All of these sound delicious and we too love experimenting with different foods and such. I totally need to try the potato bar though and haven’t done something like that I years with potatoes. So seriously thank you for sharing that idea here tonight 🙂

    • yup…totally agree. This week I made some changes. The great thing is if we do save a meal for next week, it’s less shopping I have to do or lots of freezer meals for the next few days.

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