Guilty Pleasures? NOPE, NO Guilt Here.

gilty pleasuresThis week Listicle is 10 guilty pleasures ( Chosen by Phoebe ) This shouldn’t be too hard, right? Or maybe I’m just BORING, LOL. Some of these aren’t really “guilty” pleasures, but I enjoy them, so here goes.

I had the list written, but without any explanations…so here I am at the last minute writing this…oh well.

1. chocolate…yes a nice creamy bar of Cadbury chocolate…hmm…I can almost taste it now. I’ll regret it later when I get sick, but so worth it.

2. coffee – with just the right amount of sugar and half/half..what can be better than that? I prefer mine light and sweet, but I only have one cup so it’s not that bad, right?

3. Dino staying over my parent’s house so I can TRY To sleep in peace. Though Balboa still snores like an off-key violin  and I still toss and turn. At least I don’t have to get out of bed, even if I don’t sleep late, I can just stay in bed and relax.

Do I really feel guilty or like a bad mom because I need/want time away? NOPE, I am a better mom for it…

4. sushi with a nice portion of wasabi…hmm, I haven’t had that in a LONG time…think it’s time I have sushi again soon.

5. Nachos sans jalapeno peppers…I LOVE nachos…nothing better and soothing for a glummy day.

6. Big tub of popcorn at movies. Yes, I know it’s bad for you, but I LOVE it and I don’t care.

7. Getting that text that an audio book for which I placed a hold is now ready for pick up! Even better when I get there and another audio book has just come in…Better than Christmas morning.

8. Starting a new book…If you love to read then you know how difficult it is to leave an old book and start an new one.   BUT that moment you feel right at home in the new book…THAT feeling is golden.

9. Completing a crochet project and it turns out even better than you imagined.

10. Getting a hug, kiss, or affirmation of love from Dino. Okay, it;s nothing to feel guilty about, but it just makes life better each and every time.


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Guilty Pleasures? NOPE, NO Guilt Here. — 11 Comments

  1. As I read through these “guilty” (or not-so-guilty) pleasures, there seems to be a theme around the sweet, salty and savory! I only eat popcorn at the movies with LOTS of salt and butter and around a campfire. Yum!

    Sleep and relaxation is a necessity, not a guilty pleasure! Especially, for moms with young children!

  2. I’m a huge fan of wasabi…I love trying products that incorporate that flavor. Movie theater popcorn…I try to resist (we all know they have a billion calories in that butter), but it smells soooooooooo good. Great list!

  3. Specifically your #3 and the subsequent comment. Good for you!! I always had that mindset too, and really never did understand Moms that just couldn’t dreeeeeeeeeam of leaving their child with a trusted family member for a get-away, a date-night or anything. I was always more rested, more refreshed and a MUCH better Mom after an occasional break. It truly is good for the kiddos too!

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