Meal Plan Jan 26-Feb1


meal plan Collage I LOVED Italian Bread pizza night…the Italian bread is bigger and softer, making for a great pizza. It was fun to be creative and mix up the toppings on each of the pizzas (2 large breads cut into smaller pieces). We used meatballs, spinach, ham, and olives. There was no need for sauce with just a bit of olive oil, though Hubby said the spinach was better than having sauce.

italian bread collageA simple dinner of grilled cheese, ham, and soup is all you need sometimes.

grilled cheese and soup CollageUsing shake and bake is always easy to use when making pork cutlets. I used the left over shake and bake to coat apples…boy they were great even Dino liked them. Along with the cutlets, we had string beans and potatoes.pork cutlet CollageKnorr’s Parmesan Bacon noodles, paired with broccoli and cauliflower with cheesy chicken cutlets made a great meal. Dino was crazy for the noodles.

We got sick, very sick…I can only think that the chicken was bad…even though it smelled fine. There was nothing else that we ate that made us sick. Dino recovered faster than me…thankfully.

cheesy chicken CollageOn Friday, I continued with our scheduled dinner, but didn’t have elbows like I thought we did. I used ditalinni instead. It came out great, and even though I was feeling icky, I had  bit. I sprinkled some cheese on Dino’s and he LOVED it. Definitely one of our favorites. ditalini

On Saturday, plans changed and we decided to eat out instead. We went to a local pizza place that offers TONS of great toppings for pizza. Dino wanted broccoli on his pizza-he makes me proud. I got the jazz pizza, which is spinach, broccoli, mozzarella, ricotta, and feta on a sauceless pizza. It was amazing. Dino even had a few bites of my pizza and liked it.

pizza piccolo Collage

What meals did you plan? How did they work out? Did you change plans?

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  1. Nothing is worse then getting sick off food and your never know with chicken. I once got sick doing the Melting Pot Dinner of cooking your own foods (chicken, beef and seafood) right at the table with a timer they give you. I swore I would never go back to that restaurant and still haven’t to this day because of it. Hope you are all better now and did look like a great week of meals here 🙂

    • You are right, you just never know and that is just scary. thankfully we healed quickly. I feel that way about certain dishes after I have gotten sick…never again.

  2. Your Italian bread pizzas look really good! We really try to stick to our meal plans, but sometimes life just happens and we end up doing something else.

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