When Dinosaur Gets Mad

Hi everyone, Dino here. I will be combining my story with the Kid Lit Blog Hop

Mommy finally organized my books, but she said we need a bigger book shelf. That makes me happy, because I LOVE books! I now have a spot for all my dinosaur books, magazines, books about people, and books about animals. Mommy says when I get a bigger book shelf I can organize for books. I can’t wait.

2-5-4One of the books I LOVE to read is How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad?. Sometimes I get really mad too and do bad things, but I don’t mean them. I feel really bad about what I did. Mommy says it’s okay to feel mad, but not okay to do mean things. 


Sometimes I get really mad when Mommy or Daddy says “No” or tell me what to do. I know they are trying to keep me safe, but I don’t like it sometimes. What makes you mad? Do you feel bad after you get mad?



feelings CollageI like my table, I can read books at the table or learn about letters, sight words, and numbers with mommy. 

2-5-22-5-3 How do you organize your books? Where do you read your books and do work?

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When Dinosaur Gets Mad — 10 Comments

  1. The books organization looks great. By the way, Dino and my girls would be fast friends, because not only do they love to read, but have their fair share of of meltdowns with being annoyed and mad at times we tell them, “No” also.

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  3. Personally, I love those dinosaur books. I loves when Mommy and Daddy come and give a kiss goodnight. It makes me laugh.

    thanks so much for this great post, as well as reminding me about the kid lit blog hop. I have some books I need to link up.

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