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10 Things in Your House Which Need to be Fixed

Honey Do collage

1. Broken screen door courtesy of Dino. He and Balboa keep scratching the screen door. So my dad, put of plastic, but Dino broke that. So he covered it in duct tape, but Dino still did his destruction thing… It’s barely holding on, but still doing the trick. Thank God for duct tape.door

2. Holes in ceiling courtesy of Tony, soon to be fixed. He tried to install a hook for a hanging basket…It didn’t work out so well. ceiling

3. Broken light on Nemo’s tank courtesy of Dino…now fixed by Hubby. He bought a new light that he attached to the bottom of the shelf above Nemo’s tank. Now no chance of Dino “accidentally” knocking the light in Nemo’s tank.

4. Behind our basement door is wasted, we don’t want to nail things in and the top of the door has no space to hang storage. So Hubby came up with a great idea- to sand the top of the door a bit to fit the two or three hooks. Doh! What an ingenious idea! LOVE IT and can’t wait to utilize that space for office supplies, household items, and snacks.

5. Our stacked washer and dryer is in a TINY closet, with almost no space. No room to even hang anything on the door, it;s that tight of a space. Hubby is going to try to move it over a bit, so we can do this…OR hang thing baskets on the wall.

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6. Faucet with a hole, so it leaks something awful in the sink when being used. Since the foundation is old pipes, it’s going to be a huge fix for the landlord.

7. Bigger bookshelves for Dino’s room, in both the closet to replace the wire rack and to replace the other bookshelf in the corner.

bookshelves8. Improve the bulletin board in our kitchen/entrance…we need a better system. The below system would be perfect.


9. One of our couches is almost done, the side is all broken and pushed in from Dino climbing and jumping on it…It’s still holding up…but one day I fear that the side will cave in.

10. The toilet paper holder and shower curtain rod and rings all need to be fixed or replaced.

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Honey-Do List — 16 Comments

  1. Our bathroom faucet also leaks a bit. My brother tried to fix it to no avail. So I have a feeling a plumber with be called at some point soon in the near future. By the way, my girls are definitely little monsters at times too and have totally broken their fair share stuff around our house, too Karen.

  2. That’s one heck of a list! I love the cart between the washer and dryer!! If you have too many books, you can always keep some under the bed in a “library” and just pull out a few at a time. Got me thinking about my own “honey do” list.. too bad my honey is out of town:)

  3. Duct tape is about the handiest thing in a home owner’s arsenal. We have it holding together plenty of things around our house.
    I know all about the leaky plumbing. We had to do a huge overhaul of our kitchen before we planned because all the pipes in the kitchen and the bathroom above the kitchen gave out.
    Good luck tackling that list!

  4. Ahhhhh – yes…duct tape is the best! Super Glue too…I use it for a lot of things. Sometimes…packing tape works too…that’s what is holding one of my refrigerator racks together.

  5. I love that washer/dryer storage idea!! And the calendar! Right now, the big tub o’ laundry detergent sits on top of the dryer, leaving sticky blue goo where the drips land. Bleh.

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