No More Guilt

Finish the Sentence FridayThis week’s sentence is “I was found guilty…”

of taking “ME” time.

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Since I pay the full time price at daycare, I might as well send him when I am home. I mean…Am I really going to pay for him to be home with me? I know some moms look down on that or think I am a terrible mother. I know childless people think I am selfish. How could I NOT want to spend time with my son? Do I have to spend EVERY single minute with my son to be a good mom?

I will tell you I am a better mom for it. He wants to be in school and I want him to be in school. I love him to the moon and back, but we both do better with him in school. We live in a tiny apt, so he needs to GET OUT and move around. We love each other…but space is tight and it drives us mad.

I need my time, I work full time and even though I do enjoy the alone time when I drive and listen to books on tape…it’s not the the same thing as being home and relaxing. Even if I want to shop, get my nails done, watch TV, or sit on my butt and blog I can do that GUILT FREE!

I’m still an awesome mom. My son thinks I rock and his opinion is the only one that really matters. 

Other moms are the worst critics of moms…we need to stick together not gossip and tear each other apart. If all moms stood by each other imagine how strong a front we would make. Imagine what we would be teaching our kids? Imagine the power we would have as women. 

I LOVE working, I love using my skills…even if I was a millionaire, I would still be out of the house keeping busy and working…that is just who I am.  NO guilt. 

Full Time Working Moms

Part Time Working Moms

Stay at Home Moms

Work at Home Moms

we are all Moms…and we all need to stick together…

The women before us and those before them worked too hard to get us the right to do what we want as moms…to then turn on each other is a true slap in their faces.

Have you been found guilty of something?


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  1. Trust me Karen, even though I am home with my kids, I still have to work from home and I am guilty of having them sometimes watch a bit more Disney and Nick then maybe ether should, but I too need my time and as guilty as I feel sometimes it is just a necessary evil. Thank you for sharing and linking up with us once this week!! 🙂

  2. You know what, Karen. You don’t have to defend anything you do to anybody else. If you feel like you do – then they are not your friend. You are such a great person and Dino is perfect! Whatever choices we make, are right for us.

    I am so sick and tired of the barage of judgements that people make. It’s so constant it’s sickening. I live with it on a daily basis. Either my hair is not right, or I’m too fat, or I don’t exercise enough, or I don’t eat the right things, or I don’t clean, or this or that or the other. It’s tiring. You know what I tell people who are like that. I tell them to go to hell. Go pound sand, cause I don’t need the negativity in my life.

    It’s so funny that you wrote this post. In a fit of rage, tonight I belted out – it’s always I need, I want, me…me…me. When does someone ask me what I might need or want?


    • all so well said Lisa…we all reach our boiling point babe…(HUGS) I just don’t understand why moms want to judge other moms and women other women…we need to stick together and be an example for our kids. You are an awesome and rockin’ mom too babe.

  3. I am so guilty of feeling guilty over having mommy time, too. My son had ANOTHER snow day today (and will again tomorrow) and I just wish he were in school! We also had a schedule change (which was good as we’re seeing whether Tucker can handle having not autism kindergarten next year) but it meant I lost 14 hours of school each week!!! So I get you and you are NOT alone. At all.

    • thanks babe (HUGS) I know, I am taking Dino to day care today, I’m paying for it and don’t care if I am home today. I think that’s great that there will have a classroom for him…especially knowing that you have support.

  4. Amen! And, there is nothing wrong with alone time. I started a part time job last week. By Friday, I was spent because I hadn’t had one minute to myself all week. I told my hubby “I bet full-time working moms everywhere would just laugh at me!” I felt judged even though nobody had said a thing. We all have to cut ourselves and each other some slack!

    • you said it Lisa….One year I was unemployed and forced to stay home with Dino…I hated it. it was so hard…but working is hard too. We need truly need to respect that moms are moms and we all have it tough.

      You really do need to cut yourself some slack, going back to work and starting a whole new routine is beyond tough…(HUGS)

  5. I don’t understand the mentality that when you become a mom you stop being a woman…a person. Of course you love your child! But you also need to have time off from him for yourself. That time makes you a better mother, if you ask me. It gives you time to take care of your mental health. I’m sorry you feel the need to justify yourself and your choices. It’s really nobody’s business. Keep up the good work and enjoy your time alone!

  6. We paid for childcare for my toddler after my youngest was born and I milked it everyday until we had to stop. I had glorious days of rest and not pulling my hair out. Lol! We all need our breaks.

  7. I am guilty of the mommy guilt when I take some me time, but I love your healthy approach. It’s so great that you’re able to not only rationalize this but also follow through emotionally. I’m still trying to get there. And I agree with you about moms being the worst critics. People are painfully quick to judge and other moms feel they have the “qualifications” to do so since we basically “share the same experience”.

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