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This weeks Listicles is from Robin – 10 Things You have Memorized.

#1 The call I received that Wednesday morning to confirm my pregnancy…that sheer panic as the phone rang and I picked up turned to sheer joy and and whole different level of panic as I relized I was finally going to be a mom.

#2 The moment I felt my baby move and then saw his movements across my belly…I will NEVER forget those feelings, ever.


#3 The feeling of Dino being taken out of my belly during the C-Section. (no pain, but I did feel tugging and a loss of him as they pulled him out).

#4 The first cries of my child and hearing the words “It’s a boy” and me crying, “I have a son.”


#5 The moment I was wheeled into to see my son, after I was cleaned up. I called out his name, he turned to look at me and reached out his hand. I held onto to his tiny hand and took a picture. He knew me, knew my voice, knew I was his Mommy…that moment a million times forever.

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#6 The feeling of finally having my son home after his time in the NICU and thinking Holy Sh*t he’s home.

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#7 The feeling of true panic when Dino was only home a few nights and he projectile vomited across the room…I swore he threw up his insides…

#8 Each every moment he looked into my eyes and with his body language told me I was his mom and he loves me.

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#9 The look of pride, love, sheer joy on Dino’s face and how he looks to me to congratulate him…I am his world.

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#10 The moments, each and every time, he says please, thank you, you’re welcome, or compliments someone on being good or doing a good job…those moments prove to me what a blessing my son is.

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Yes, a number 11…a current and future moment I have with my son…each time he makes  me laugh, cry, giggle, shout, scream, or feel tremendous pride…I am so honored and lucky to have him for a son.

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  1. I remember all those moments and then some with both my girls. Seriously, I ha tears reading this post and recalling all those special moments and bonding moments. My fAvorite are still the moment I laid eyes on each of them or the very first time and the recognition from both when they heard my voice that that did indeed know me and remembered me from being with me for 9 plus months straight. That is a bond that no one can break or tear down. Like you, I love being a mom to mine as well and wouldn’t change that for anything either 🙂

  2. Oh, that feeling of a baby coming out. I didn’t have a C-section, but it sounds like there’s a similar feeling with a vaginal birth too, the stilling of the belly… Great list!

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