Our Mean Plan February 9th – 15th

meal plan main collage

  •  Sun – Leftovers
  • Mon – Italian Bread Pizza 
  • Tues – Broccoli, Rigatoni, sauteed chick peas, olive oil, butter, Parmesan, broth 
  • Wed –  Fish Potatoes, green beans 
  • Thurs – Leftovers
  • Fri – Sausage and Peppers on Rolls
  • Sat – Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, tomatoes, potatoes


On Sunday, I spend the afternoon/evening with my friend. So it was Daddy and Dino on their own for dinner. After some bike riding, they got McDonald’s…a very daddy and son thing to do.

Monday was a crazy day for me…It was supposed to be Italian Bread Pizza, but instead it was freezer meals for us. Dino was so happy to be able to pick his meal…that I think I created a freezer meal monster.  We decided to have leftover ditalini with beans and french onion soup AND rice and beans… leftovers collage Tuesday we had Italian Bread Pizza…I was enjoying it so much that I forgot to take a pic of all the pizzas…I did get few final pieces. Dino ate an entire slice…he loves it so much. Hubby said that a co-worker thought it was from a fancy restaurant, but Hubby proudly told her that I made it.  pizza collage Wednesday I messed up a bit…I was supposed to make rigatoni, but used the Knorr Parmesan noodles instead…ooops. It all worked out though. In the cast iron skillet I sauteed chick peas, broccoli, cauliflower, Goya seasoning, water, and grated cheese…so tasty. Then I mixed it with the Pasta…what meal. pasta and brocolli collage

Thursday, the night of the big snow storm we had fish, potatoes, string beans, and left over pasta with broccoli. I am so proud of my Dino for eating the everything on his plate (expect for the string beans), but he kept asking for more broccoli and cauliflower. Do you know how happy that makes me????

fish potatoes collage

On Friday night, still can’t believe schools closed again today…looks like the marshmallow land out there. I made sausage and peppers on rolls…so darn tasty. Hubby wanted it on a different roll, oh well, I was trying to save money. He sprinkled some cheese on his. Since I wasn’t feeling well I wasn’t at the top of my game for this dinner…but it was still an awesome and cheap meal.

In the cast iron skillet, I threw in the sausage and peppers with lots of Goya and Caribbean lime seasoning, 1/4 cut water, and popped it in the oven, and baked for twenty minutes at 350. Then I cut the sausage into smaller chunks, stirred, and put the cover back on and let it cook for another twenty minutes, continued baking. Once fully cooked, I sprinkled Bisquick on and stirred, this kept the juices thick and made sure they stuck to the peppers and sausage.

sausage and pepper collage

Saturday to celebrate Valentine’s Day we decided to order Chinese food…it’s so expensive in our town and the portions and plates are getting smaller. Dino and I used to be able to share a meal and egg roll…but in the future I’m going to have to order his own meal. Or we could drive two towns over? Which is worse? 

What meals did you plan? How did they work out? Did you change plans?
Ready for more snow? 

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  1. That pizza looked delicious. And as for Chinese food, I recently made my own chicken stir fry with jasmine coconut rice. It was so good, cheaper and large enough portions to even go back for seconds, so definitely a hit here, but when I am looking for easy and quick, I too totally cave to order it in. Sorry for the smaller portions and we too noticed when we went out to celebrate for Valentine’s Day to our favorite restaurant that the portions were definitely smaller.

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