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It’s Wednesday and time for the Kid Lit Blog Hop and my story. 

As you know I love reading books at night in bed…I even need to keep one of the books with me in the bed…just in case I want to look at it when I get up in the morning, but it’s too early to call Mommy.

You want to hear something really cool? Mommy said she is going to start buying books from Scholastic Reading Club through my daycare. This way my own library grows, I LOVE having lots of my own books.  

rick jr collage

Besides books, I like to read Ranger Rick Jr. magazines. My LaLa and PopPop bought me these magazines. There are so many great things to learn in Ranger Rick Jr. magazine. Plus Mommy had these magazines when she was a little girl.

In the magazine there is…

  • always a story about Chester and Bonnie
  • a story about Ricky Raccoon and his friends
  • new animals and things they can do
  • hidden pictures, activities for me to try
  • pictures other kids drew
  • a pull-out poster.

Did you want to know what I learned???

  • Ducks can waddle across an icy pond
  • Cheetahs can’t roar
  • Lizards squirt blood out of their eyes
  • Panda babies are really small when they are born
  • Tree frogs are the size of my small finger
  • Tree frogs can’t hop, but they crawl
  • Red fox have red fur, black feet, and yellow eyes. I have brown eyes.
  • Cheetahs run very fast
  • Zebras jump over each other
  • Gorillas climb up trees
  • Raccoon can do pull-ups on branches
  • White-Tailed deer baby have white spots, but when they grow up the spots disappear.

 What do you know about animals? 

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  1. I used to always buy from Scholastic books. Getting a new book is a wonderful feeling – and my oldest daughter especially just at them up! Since I had girls, we also subscribed to “Ladybug”, which was delightful:)

  2. Scholastic is a wonderful resource, Karen. I bought most of my classroom books through them. As teachers, we’d get extra points for free books. I always put those in a large basket. All of the kids could choose one for their birthday. They loved it. Your gift of reading to your son is priceless <3

  3. That is a LOT of information to learn 🙂 We get our Scholastic mailers and its so much fun to pick out books from them. Thanks for sharing the post on KidLit BlogHop! Dont forget to join us in our next hop 🙂
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

  4. We have ordered so many Scholastic books through preschool and school – such a great source and great prices too! I haven’t run across those Ranger Rick Jr. books – I am sure my son would be all over that one. He randomly quotes fun facts about animals all the time (from the almanacs in our house). I didn’t know that tree frogs couldn’t hop – that is really strange! lol Thanks for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop! 🙂

    • The ranger rick magazines are great and Dino always looks for new ones in the mail…a true gift. So many interesting facts that he loves to share with EVERYONE he meets.

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