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This week’s Listcles: 10 ways you show love ( Chosen by Ashlee )

I immediately thought of the ways I show my son I love him. As a mom I now devote my life to my son. Sure I still am my own person and make time for myself, but he is my life and I need to make sure he is healthy and happy. 

1. Creating a weekly menu plan – Making sure I provide the healthiest meals for my family and saving money is all out of love. 

2. Constant hugs, kisses, and affirmations of love – All this love will show my son how to be a kind and affectionate man to his family one day.

3. Post temper tantrum and boo-boo kisses and hugs – This teaches Dino that no matter what he will always be loved, comforted, and forgiven. 

4. Teaching Dino about health and saftety –  Telling Dino how to keep his body healthy, knowing his body, respecting his body and how to keep himself safe will make him safer and stronger.

5. Keeping a set bedtime for Dino – This ensures that he gets the sleep he needs even to keep his body and mind healthy 

6. Sharing his story – Dino knows and loves to hear how he was in my belly, how I waited so long for him, how he was born, and his babyhood. 

7. Not giving when Dino doesn’t agree – Even if he has a huge temper tantrum, (even in public and when others are looking) not letting Dino get his way. He often hears, I said no/yes, because I love you and want to keep you healthy and safe. 

8. Will always be there – Dino often hears and knows that he can tell us anything, no matter what, and we will always be there for him and love him to the moon and back. 

9. Giving him the power of books – I have read to Dino since I first found out I was pregnant. Sure it may have been too soon…but the power of reading is that important. Thankfully he loves to read and will now read to his stuffed animals. 

10. Letting him be who he is – Every child is different and Dino is no exception. He is loud, wild, energetic, always in motion and that is okay. That is just the way he is and I have learned to understand who he is and let him be. I know he will love who he is as an teen and adult and NOT need to be pretend to be someone else to be happy. 

How do you show your love? 



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Because I Love You, That’s Why — 18 Comments

  1. I loved reading all the ways you do love Dino and will tell you that many are ways I too show my girls, too. You already know all too well about the tantrums and sticking to my guns on this, too. But definitely made me smiling all your ways here tonight 🙂

  2. Lovely list! Sounds like you are a super mama and showing your son you are always there for him, as well as teaching him all the important things he needs to know as he grows.

  3. I love that you are rearing a son who will value love, and know how to show respect & love to his future wife! What a lucky little guy:)

  4. What a fantastic list, and what a great post! I was smiling beginning to end. I think there are many ways I show my love, but first and foremost – I tell them how much I love them.

  5. This is beautiful! Absolutely love this list. Thank you so much for sharing… it is SO important to do all of the things you listed. You are a great mama 🙂 So glad to have found you from the Sharefest ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

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