Our Meal Plan Feb 16th-22nd

              meal plan main collage 16-22

  • Sun   Ravioli, canellinni beans, spinach         
  • Mon   leftover bean rice burrito (from this meal)                                                                      
  • Tues   pasta, butter sauce, Parmesan, broccoli (got idea here)                                                  
  • Wed   chicken sausage, smoked sausage, with rice, peas, carrots         
  • Thurs  leftovers                                                                                         
  • Fri      meatballs, noodles, broccoli, cauliflower                                                    
  • Sat    cheesy chicken, pasta, veggies

On Sunday, even though I was not feeling well, we had Ravioli, cannellini beans, and spinach. I love the taste of the sauteed beans and spinach…so yummy. It was even a BIG hit with Dino and Hubby ravioli collage On Monday we had the bean burritos and Hubby made cheeseburgers, with seasoned potatoes. Hubby does not like burritos…too bad…they were delicious.  bean burrito Collage

On Tuesday we had Rigatoni with broccoli and cauliflower. I made a sauce using olive oil, water, Parmesan cheese, almond milk, and LOTS of Goya seasoning. I baked the broccoli in an iron cast skillet, threw the past and veggies in a large container, poured the sauce over the pasta, covered it up and shook it it all up. It was a HUGE hit with Dino.

pasta and broccoli Collage

I changed it up a bit for Wednesday. I baked smoked sausage, sweet chicken and apple sausage, chopped onions, and sliced peppers. I poured in some water and sprinkled Goya seasoning, ginger and bit of curry. After the sausage was cooked, I cut it into small pieces and mixed it with the Knorr Herb and Butter Rice. 

sausage collage

I decided to make the Meatballs Thursday night. Instead of noodles, I used rice, peas, and carrots. I sauteed the meatballs and veggies in the cast iron skillet, I added water and seasoning. The meatballs soaked up the seasoned water…they were so tasty. 

meatball collage

Friday night we had the leftovers…I just love putting everything out, letting Dino choose what he wants, and helping him to heat it up. He felt pretty powerful choosing what would be in his plate. 

Saturday night we had chicken, mac and cheese, and carrots and zucchini. Dino ate all his carrots and actually had three bites of zucchini. As you have read before, Dino sure does love some veggies and will happily eat them. I am trying to make us an even healthier household, by increasing the veggies and fruits we eat and limiting the fats. Dino knows strong muscles and bones come with eating healthy foods, and while treats are fun, too much can cause bad things to happen to our body. I think having veggies and fruits around all the time and adding lots of spices to our meals has made the difference for Dino. I am also teaching him to really enjoy the taste of his food, eating slowly, and enjoy our conversations. 

Okay, back to the meal. I marinated the chicken in olive oil, water, and lots of seasoning: Goyacaribbean lime mix, ginger, and curry. Then as it cooked in the cast iron skillet I sprinkled some flower over the chicken…it gave it a nice texture while still keeping the flavor. the carrots and zucchini were cooked in a bit of olive oil and lots of seasonings…had a great flavor. The pasta was Knorr’s cheesy macaroni.  . 

chicken and maccheese Collage

What meals did you plan? How did they work out? Did you change plans?

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Our Meal Plan Feb 16th-22nd — 6 Comments

  1. I thought of you when we actually got Chinese takeout this past Saturday night and you were right the prices were outrageous. That said I think leftovers are truly a wonderful thing in saving money and after that meal was thankful tonight to have some leftovers. Oh and I am with you and love Burritos 🙂

    • I am making a chinese inspired dinner this week….infact tonight, so I can’t wait, I am really excited. If all goes well that will be our quick go-to Chinese takeout dinner. Leftovers rock!

  2. Yumm! Comfort food! Your dishes look delicious. I love how you are teaching your son to enjoy his food. I need this class myself. I love cooking but find I’ve been eating really fast. Must slow down. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. These meals look super terrific, Karen. Ahhh, I so wish I had better genes. To be able to eat anything I wished and not gain any weight. I do miss food.


    Thanks for allowing me to dream for a moment. Now, back to my reality.

    • OMG Lisa, I wish I had those genes too. I just rejoined weight watchers after ten plus years. Within in a week I do feel better and will share more about that next week. thanks, I am trying to be creative and healthy..

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