Our Meal Plan Feb 23rd – March 1st

meal plan main collage

  • Sun  Italian Bread Pizza      
  • Mon  Penne, tomatoes, and peas with parmesan sauce – original recipe here
  • Tues   Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry                                                   
  • Wed   French onion soup, cannellini beans, shells, cheese         
  • Thurs  leftovers
  • Fri       Rice and Beans with cheese                                             
  • Sat    Potato Casserole: ground pork, green beans, mushrooms, potato gnochi


On Sunday, we had our favorite most versatile meal, Italian Bread Pizza…I swear I could eat this every night and it would be so different based on the toppings. 

Italian pizza CollageOn Monday night, we had Pasta shells with sauteed peas and tomatoes. Tomato sauce makes me sick, but fresh tomatoes seasoned and sauteed I can handle. Even better when mixed with frozen peas and a bit of diced onion…the taste is amazing. After the veggies were done and the pasta was cooked, I tossed the veggies over the pasta and mixed it all up. Then I sprinkled a bit of Parmesan and mozzarella cheese on top. I didn’t over do it on the cheese, just a bit..enough for some stickiness and flavor.

Dino ate every last bite of his dinner…it was easy and a BIG hit.

pasta pea CollageOn Tuesday we had homemade Chinese Food and it rocked. We recently bought Chinese food and it was too expensive and the amount in each container shrunk. Janine suggested making our own, so I did. Thanks for the idea babe. I used white rice, frozen Asian stir fry veggies, and chicken breasts which I marinated. I baked the chicken and veggies in our cast iron skillet. The meal was PERFECT and a new family favorite. We are going to make it again next week.

chinese food CollageOn Wednesday, I decided to just throw the leftover pasta, tomatoes and peas in the French Onion Soup with with Cannellini Beans.

On Thursday we had leftover pizza…mmmmm…still so good.

On Friday, I made another favorite, rice and beans.

rice bean CollageOn Saturday I experimented with potato gnochi and ground pork casserole. I LOVED it, Dino thought it was okay, Hubby ate bowl full, but didn’t ask for more. Well at least the leftovers are all mine.

I cooked the ground pork, broccoli, and cauliflower in the cast iron skillet. Then added it to the tray. Then I sprinkled the onion, mushroom seasoning on top of the pork mixture. Next I scooped the half cooked gnochi on top. After fully cooked in oven, sprinkle with cheese and let melt.

In retrospect, I could have mixed it all together in the cast iron skillet…oh well.

gnochi Collage

What meals did you plan? How did they work out? Did you change plans?

Who else has had it with the snow?

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Our Meal Plan Feb 23rd – March 1st — 12 Comments

  1. I am reading and came to stir fry and was like, oh that looks so good and then I saw you link to me. Totally made me smile and so glad you got to make this. I am so making this hopefully sometime this week, too. But we also have Lent starting on Wednesday with Ash Wednesday and now my Friday also have to be meatless, because Kevin was raised to observe meatless Fridays during Lent. So, my options are a bit limited this time of the year, but will still make it on another night now (other then those two) hopefully 🙂

    • yes Lent…I may have to try our Fridays meatless, but may have scrap that and do what works best for us. I do need to get my ashes though. It really was a great meal…we are so going to make it again this week!

  2. I have totally had it with the snow, Karen!! Last night we had a slow cooker dish with potatoes, ham tomatoes, onions and herbs. Yummy! Our dinner menu totally changes based on whether Dad is in town or traveling. If he’s on the road, we girls tend to eat whatever is easy and light:)

    • I know Seana, enough already. NO MORE SNOW…please. I hear you, Dino and I could eat quesadillas, tacos, and nachos all the time, but Hubby doesn’t like those too much. Those meals are just for us

  3. {Melinda} I love Italian bread pizza! 🙂 Your guy eats such a great variety of food. Mine are so, so picky. Good job, mom… I don’t think I was persistent enough in exposing them to new, healthy foods.

  4. Hi Karen,
    Your little guy is adorable! Great meal plan for the week, it all looks yummy! Thank you so much for coming to the party today and sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Have a great week and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

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