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This week’s sentence is “What I really want to scream out loud is…”


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If you have read my FTSF post from a from late January, I love that I have grays in my hair, I am who I am and love myself. You can read that here

I do love makeup, when I go out I do where makeup, most of the time. I wear eye shadow, eye liner and maybe even mascara to play up my eyes, maybe a bit of blush, some lip gloss and spray it on with a makeup sealer so it won’t run.

I don’t use concealer or foundation, first off it does more harm than good to my face and secondly I refuse to cover up my skin. So what if I have blemishes, spots, wrinkles. So what if I look my age, I am 38 years old, I don’t want to look younger, I want to look healthy. I am happy with who I am.

I am disappointed my grays, freckles, beauty marks and wrinkles did not come out in the photos…but here I am without eye makeup or blush. 

makeup collage

I have said before and will say again, I want my son to know that real beauty comes from within. I want him to find the person that is happy with herself rather than need him to make her happy. I want him to know that beauty can’t be applied to the face after a morning shower. I want him to know that love is NOT skin deep. Heck it’s not even a color, size, shape, or brand.

You don’t need to give yourself away to be loved. You don’t need to show off more than you want to in order to be loved. 

I want to hear every girl and woman, every mother and daughter proudly say “I am beautiful” and mean it. As mothers we not only have to say it, we have to believe it.

If you walk around criticizing your body, face, weight, hair, thighs, eyes, lips, etc…then you are also criticizing your children’s’ bodies. You are teaching them they must grow up to critique themselves because they do not know what self-confidence is.

Don’t get me wrong, healthy eating, exercising, and wanting to look your best are important. But don’t put yourself down, you owe your children better. You owe yourself better. 

So say it with me. “I am beautiful. I am important. I love my myself.” 



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  1. Absolutely perfect and you are absolutely beautiful, Karen and couldn’t agree more with you. God do I give you such credit for let your grays show, because I honestly hate mine and sadly I do totally dye them when I can get to the beauty salon. But love how confident you are in yourself inside and out 🙂

  2. I went grey in my twenties, so have been highlighting and dying now for years. But it doesn’t matter about that because I agree with you beauty comes from the inside and our smiles portray that love and beauty we have.

  3. Good for you Karen! I go easy on the makeup as well and so does my 20 year old daughter. My mom only wears lipstick so it’s no surprise that we are following her style. However, I do – yup- colour my hair! Not sure if I’ll let that go. We’ll see.

  4. I am beautiful! There I said it. 🙂 I rarely wear make-up, mostly bc I’m on the lazy side, but I know if I was really concerned about how I looked then I’d put more effort into it. I agree with what you say about not critiquing ourselves. I’m at a place where I’m ok with the way I look and I think that’s huge for our kids, especially daughters.

  5. You are beautiful. I love your eyes, hair and those curls! I always thought I’d be happy if I looked good (healthy and attractive) for my age. I turned 50 last July. In my head I know I look healthy and attractive for 50. So why is it so hard to look in the mirror? Never fear. I am determined to feel beautiful as I age. But it is sooooo much harder than I ever could have imagined.

    • You are beautiful as well Jamie! I think society truly messes with our heads, I bet if you looked in that mirror, really looked you’d see an amazing, beautiful, and powerful woman.

  6. I get chuckles sometimes because I don’t wear much makeup – usually eye liner, but that’s about it, so sometimes I’ll be thrown by a comment that takes me a second to catch up to…I always forget I have a sizeable birthmark on one side of my face. It’s so meaningless to me that I honestly can’t even think of which side it’s on, but every once in a while, someone will try to wipe it off for me or something, and I’ll crack up. I didn’t even realize I had it until I was 13 and a cousin made a crack about me eating chocolate pudding and missing my mouth. I thought she was crazy because I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I spent so much time outside as a kid and was always so dark that it wasn’t until I had knee surgery at 16 and couldn’t go in the sun that I realized I had another one one one of my knees. It’s apparently a weird Armenian thing. I have since realized that a lot of Armenians have this type of birthmark. I wouldn’t mind my grays so much if they were more sporadic, but I turned gray early, so I fully embrace my Miss Clairol! 😉

    • I have a mole on my left side of my lip under my nose. the type of mark that women in the 20’s tried to color in with pencils. It took me a long time to embrace it. Listen, you have to do whta makes you feel confident and powerful.

  7. I am beautiful. I am important. I love myself. Thanks, Karen. I don’t wear much makeup either – mostly just mascara as my eyelashes are really light. It is so hard to not get down on ourselves for too-tight pants, and for aging but you have such the perfect attitude of “so what? I’m 38!” Love it!

  8. Oh, I love this. My daughter asks why I wear makeup, and I make sure she knows it’s because I like it, I think it’s fun, and I never criticize how I look without makeup, even though I do confess I like my face much better with makeup! I also am so careful to not make comments about weight or body image around my kids… they pick up on everything. Thanks for a great reminder, beautiful lady!

    • you’re welcome beautiful lady. So true, they hear everything and internalize it. One day she will learn that make up is fun, but not to hide her true beauty.

  9. I need to say that more often. I used to think that and had no problem with my faults, but I think my unhappiness with my progress clouds my judgment on loving who I see in the mirror. Thanks for the reminder that I need to be easier on myself and instead get to work!

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