Never-Ending Dinner

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SSS collage dinner

My subject is “You have an unlimited amount of money, what is your family gonna eat tonight?”  It was submitted by  Here goes:

So many possibilities came to me? What would I buy? Would it be organic? Would it be the most expensive seafood on the planet? Would it be Mexican? hmmm

Would I make plans to go out with my family to the most expensive restaurant in town and get service that would put all other restaurants to shame. 

I thought long and hard then realized I am not really a fancy type of girl. I love a bargain, love saving money and always having extra food. 

I decided to go to our local specialty pizza joint in town and have a nice dinner there…BUT…I would also order one of everything and have it wrapped up to go home. 

makeup collage

YES! THAT’S RIGHT! I would have it all wrapped up, the prompt did say “unlimited amount of money”, so we’d eat our meal then have TONS of pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, seafood, entrees, and desserts. The food would be endless. I would section them up and save them in freezer bags. We would eat like royalty every weekend for months. Yes only on the weekends, I want to make this food last.

Just look at how decadent their food looks and it tastes even better.

makeup collageI did tell you LAST WEEK I am frugal, though I don’t always make the best decisions or know the best prices on things other than food and coupons. LOL  



Never-Ending Dinner — 19 Comments

  1. I love that you got my prompt! I also love that you’d order food to be saved and used for later. I SO get that! I would eat pasta with a good red sauce. Probably 10 bucks. But I’d reheat it and eat it forever!!!

  2. Awesome and now I want pizza. And pasta. And that amazing expensive seafood you mentioned. I love how you said you’d order one of everything and take it home! Great idea!

  3. What a great idea! Me? I would’ve thought I could cook something, then get frustrated. Then, and only then, would we order out. C’est le vie.

  4. Doing what you plan on doing sounds so much smarter than going to the wrong fancy restaurant you made me write about 😉 Thanks for your prompt, though! It made me refresh the memories of the nice experience, too!

  5. Janine is talking about how wonderful you are on her blog today, and it reminded me that I’m overdue to come and say hello!! That pizza does look pretty tasty!

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