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This week’s Listicles is 10 Traditions by Christine 

As I sat here Sunday night trying to think of what to write, I thought about writing ten things that we do for Dino’s Bedtime Routine would be perfect. I try to put him in bed for books about 7:50 and ready for sleep about 8:20. He gets up around 5:30 every morning but knows to stay in bed till 6 am. I wish I could get him to sleep later. 

10. Cleaning up after dinner – Dino is good about helping me clean up after dinner

9. Getting lunches ready for the next day – sometimes Dino likes to help me do this


8. Playing for a bit and watching TV – always find a great new thing to watch on Netflix

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7. Taking a bath/shower – we alternate between baths, quick showers, or just cleaning off with a washcloth. It’s a great way to alternate and save water. 

6. Getting clothes ready for the next day – Getting both our clothes ready saves so much time in the morning


5. Playing some more – usually a way to exercise or release all that crazy energy

4. Cleaning up – always better to clean after he took a bath…feels like nighttime isn’t a rush

3. Brush teeth and go to the bathroom – Dino is so good about this and loves his light up spider-man toothbrush

2. Reading 3 books, 2 if we go to bed a bit later. Though going to b bed too late means the chance of waking up with a night terror

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1. Rubbing Dino’s back, talking about our day, and what tomorrow will bring

 What are some traditions you follow? 


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Nighttime Routine — 11 Comments

  1. Perfect nighttime routine and we too try to get to bed by a certain time otherwise the girls take forever to fall asleep. Something to be said about being over tired, I suppose. But loved hearing about your routine with Dino 🙂

    • Yes, I find that the later he goes to bed the worse he feels the next day. he is not one to sleep later…so it is my job to make sure he gets the sleep he needs.

  2. We used to have a similar routine with the big kids. We all liked it. The little kids, though, don’t have anything like it. Instead, we do our snuggling and book reading in the middle of the day. Nighttime is just too busy with big kids in the house.
    Dino certainly seems to enjoy the routine!

  3. Of course, I’m in total agreement with #9 and #6:) My routine includes setting up the coffee pot, reading, maybe watching a little TV, devotional reading… and sometimes just hanging out on Twitter!

  4. Your routine sounds on point 🙂
    I was just thinking today, after dropping off the kiddos, we need to start packing lunches the night before. We use to do that together and stopped…. it’s truly a time saver in the morning.

  5. Aah, I long for the days of a bedtime before 10:00. I’m not sure when we stopped the bedtime routine, but your list brought back lots of memories!

  6. Sounds like a great bedtime routine to me! I love how you incorporate responsibility and treasured moments. (I really need to get our 4 year old more involved in cleaning up….)

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