Things Sure Did Change, But That’s Okay

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10 things that aren’t the same ( Chosen by Julia )

I changed this post quite a few times, but then I remembered if I asked hubby I would only have to think of five! Smart, right? So I thought it would be fun to get both our point of views on how life as a parent is no longer the same as before we were parents. It was truly interesting and insightful to get Hubby’s point of view.

By Mommy

1. Bathroom time will NEVER be the same: Now as soon as I enter the bathroom I either have an audience or someone knocking at the door

2. Sleep will NEVER be the same: There was a time that I could sleep as long as I wanted, but chose to get up early. See the irony there? 

3. Conversations with Hubby will NEVER be the same: Now we either have to communicate in short phrases between Dino commands or cries, with texts, or non-verbal language. 

4. Random and Useless Facts will NEVER be the same: There was a time when cool, but useless facts were fun to learn. Now my brain is filled with kid songs, dinosaur names, superhero names, rescue bot names, titles of ALL movies and TV shows Dino likes, characters in EVERY show and movie he likes just in\case he forgets the titles.

5. Love will NEVER be the same: I thought I knew love, thought I knew what it meant to love unconditionally. Now I KNOW. Now I know what true selfless and unconditional love is. It overwhelms and scares me, but brings me great joy and peace.

Hubby says…

1. Responsibilities will NEVER be the same: At one time I was responsible for myself, now all thoughts of my son take over each and every thought I have. . 

2. “Me First” thinking is gone: At one time I could think how this situation would affect just me. Now I have a son and wife to think about first. 

3. “Me Time” has to be scheduled: I can’t just wake up and do what I want, I have to check with my wife and see what is going on with my son first. 

4. Being a man has limitations and frustrations:  There were things I missed out on because I was a man. I couldn’t help my wife breast feed or have that instant bond that Dino and my wife had. Other times I wanted to help, but Dino only wanted his mommy and it hurt. It hurt because I couldn’t help and my son didn’t want. me. Now that he’s older, he asks for me a lot more. 

5. I used to think I had NO money:  Now I KNOW I have no money.  


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Things Sure Did Change, But That’s Okay — 16 Comments

  1. So many changes happen when children enter our lives, and they continue to sculpt the landscape of our existence in ways we never thought about before, all through the stages of life that we go through with them.

  2. I love your husband’s #5! I have a bumper sticker on my car that reads, “Got twins? Got debt!” And, I totally feel for you on the bathroom thing? Why don’t they do that when daddy is in there?

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