Dino Reads the Alphabet

It’s Wednesday and time for the Kid Lit Blog Hop and my story. 

As you know I love reading books. I love to read in bed, read in the living room, read to my animals, and read to Mommy. Now even Balboa joins us on the bed as we read at night. Reading is fun and I love to show all that I know now that I am a big boy.

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In daycare we recently had fun learning about Dr. Seuss and I got to bring in one of his books. I read this with Mommy at home, so I know what’s on every page.

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I can sing the alphabet, but forget which letters are which when I look at them. Mommy says soon I will learn to read the letters and even words in books.  I can pick out all my numbers though and am learning to count and add.  

I am learning so much at daycare and Mommy gives me work to do at home. Its always fun work and I am doing a great job. She prints them out from EdHelper.com I think it’s a teacher site. Mommy always finds the best things for me.  

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 What resources do you find are the best for additional work for kids? 

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Dino Reads the Alphabet — 13 Comments

  1. Both my girls just celebrated Dr Seuss in school and they also already have and love so many of his books, too. I just can’t believe how much both girls are learning and growing each day now. I am amazed, but also a bit shell shocked, too, because they are no longer babies and you are right will be reading books themselves soon enough, too.

  2. Am I bad because I don’t print off these kinds of worksheets? Thankfully T is so interested in learning to read and write that she will spend a good half hour or more just trying to write “cards” to friends and family. We also reinforce reading by having her read a few words during bedtime stories. (That, and we have a lot of Leap Frog learning toys!)

    • No, you are not bad at all. I already pay for EdHelper as a teacher, so it’s an extra resource for me. We all support our kids differently. I think that’s a great idea to have her read words on her own…GO MOM! Leap Frog is wonderful

  3. {Melinda} I remember having that ABC book when I was a kid! 🙂 Dino is getting SO big. I bought lots of books for both of my kids … read to them from when they were little and they are both teens now and LOVE to read. I definitely think it pays off to start instilling that love for reading early.

  4. Little G is just discovering Dr Seuss, so we will be sure to put this one on our list. We are not quite at the needing printable stage, but thanks for a great link and for joining us on the Kid Lit Blog HOp

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