Learning Never Ends


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“I’m done with school, but learning never ends” 

I have quite a few degrees and certifications. You didn’t know that? Well I don’t like to brag, but I am truly proud of all that I have accomplished.

I have an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree. I have three certifications that allow me to work as an elementary school teacher, special education teacher, and a literacy specialist. In addition I am certified in levels 1-6 of a multisensory language instruction program. I started teaching 1999 and have been working in education ever since, except for the one year I was laid off. That is a total of THIRTEEN years as a teacher, TEN of those as reading specialist.

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As I sit here typing this I am shocked at how long I have been teaching and how far I have come. WOW! What a career, so many achievements, accomplishments, struggles, changes, successes and failures. I do love what I do and am always learning something new.

I try to take a course or two online every year. This not only keeps me informed and up to date on current procedures in education, but provides me with professional development hours to keep my certifications.

I was once asked if I would go for my doctorate. Nope, not interested, but I would like to earn my certification for levels 7-12 of the multisensory language instruction program.

Outside of education, I would love to

  • learn Italian
  • take pottery course
  • learn Pilates
  • take cooking classes

 What do you still want to learn? 


Learning Never Ends — 14 Comments

  1. Love that picture of you and totally made me smile. That said, I too am still learning a ton, but even though I am no longer teaching, also like you have tons of schooling to back me up right through my master’s degree. As much as my loans for all this education can get under my skin, I still wouldn’t change it for the world either and feel blessed for how much I have and am still learning, too 🙂

  2. I’m a big believer in lifelong learning, Karen. I think it is important to keep expanding our knowledge and trying new things.. and what they are isn’t really so important! Just trying a new activity typically ramps me right up the learning curve (especially if it is physically challenging). Visiting a new culture – same thing. What is multi-sensory language instruction??

    • yes seana learning is so vital to life and happiness. MSLI is a highly-structured remedial program that directly teaches the structure of the language to those who have been unable to learn with other strategies. It encompasses phonemic awareness, writing, vocabulary, and instruction

  3. I love the photo – you are adorable. And I think lifelong learning is so important, as is what you’re doing as a teacher. Special education students are so important and too often forgotten or miss out because somebody didn’t take the time to help them learn at their own ability level. I love that you’re so dedicated to being a reading specialist and to continuing your education. You rock.
    Oh and I want to take a pottery course and learn pilates, too!

  4. Teachers like you are the really good ones – the ones who love what they do and strive to keep learning! Thank you for what you do! 🙂

  5. That really is a lot of learning! I never went for my master’s, but that has more to do with the fact that I was never really sure about my career field. Learning Italian sounds like it could be a lot of fun! Though I would worry that I would start to confuse it with my high school French, or the bits and pieces of Spanish I’ve picked up from the Husband’s family.

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