It Was Embarrassing, Scary, and Strange


Finish the Sentence Friday

“I went to a concert…” 

Age 14: “I went to a concert and it was embarrassing.” 

The first concert I went to was New Kids on the Block. I was supposed to go with a friend from high school, but she got sick and couldn’t go. So I was the one with my sister and parents. Can we say embarrassing? I am sure they were so thrilled to be there among all those moronic teenage girls screaming for a boy band they knew would not last the year.Now, I would love to go to a concert with them…funny how perspectives change as you get older.


Age 25: “I went to a concert and it was scary.” 

Hubby and I were just married and he got tickets to a Jon Bon Jovi concert in New Jersey. We stopped at diner for breakfast and while in the bathroom I almost lost my keys down the toilet. How? It was a typical Karen moment. I stuck my hand in flushing toilet and held on to the key ring with all my might praying to God that he didn’t let them flush away. All I was thinking was how I would have to call my dad to get our spares and drive them all the way there. No I did no bring a spare key, don’t worry Hubby yelled at me for that one the whole drive to the concert.

Then we met up with his co-worker and a girl the guy invited along. We all met up for In the parking lot we met up for lunch. I could tell right away the guy was a wackadoo. Seriously he was one of those guys who acts all tough, but really looks like an idiot. He kept making comments about a group of guys drinking beers and throwing a football. Hubby was pissed that this guy’s mouth could get us all in trouble. The group of guys messed with another group, curses and insults were traded, fists almost thrown, but a few beers were thrown. This moron started bragging how he would have ended the fight and the guys should get thrown out. When an officer came over to take out statement, he suddenly shut his mouth and we all saw him for the fool he really was.  He looked so stupid and even the girl he was with wanted to hide. I got truly scared for a bit thinking the group would come over thinking we all felt the same way as the moron. Thankfully they too realized he was an idiot. 

I was thrilled we would NOT be sitting anywhere near him. I can tell you Hubby would have left if we had to sit next to them.


Age 36: “I went to a concert and it was strange.” 

I went with my sister to a 100 Monkeys Concert. Most of you know my crush on actor and singer Jackson Rathbone. When he was with the band 100 Monkeys I got to see him in concert, it was awesome. Well except for the fact that I messed up on the time and we had to sit and listen to cover bands and only got to hear a few of their songs before we left. If we didn’t make it to the subway by a certain time we could miss the train back home. It was worth it to see him live watch him perform on stage…sighs…I will always remember that.

I will also remember the old lady who climbed onto the side of raised chairs and was screaming for the oldest member of the band. She was drunk (or obsessed) and I swore she was going to flash him her boobs, so embarrassing. The poor security guard was trying to get her down without actually touching her. She almost knocked into me and I was afraid of what I would get from touching her. Finally she was gone and I could carry on with my shameless gawking at Rathbone. 

Have you gone to a concert?
Was it an enjoyable experience or something you’d like to forget? 


It Was Embarrassing, Scary, and Strange — 18 Comments

  1. Wow, I’ve been to a lot of concerts but I don’t have those kinds of experiences. I don’t know if I want to stay away from any concerts you go to or if I secretly want to go to one with you. . . who knows what could happen!

    • LOLOLOL..I actually guffawed when I read your comment, I say stay away. I rather go to a book reading then a concert. I am so done, unless it’s free, I have an extra set of keys, no old ladies near me, and no morons, LOLOLOL

  2. Totally jealous and so wanted to see NKOTB back in the day. Seriously, my mom didn’t want me to go, but she ended up paying for the Pay Per View. But still would have loved to go to that concert, because I was truly obsessed with Joey McIntyre and had the biggest crush him. Totally brought back some memories there just reading bout your concert experience 🙂

    • I had a crush on Joey too, well, I think I rotated my affections every week or so. I am sure I will one day have to return the favor and bring Dino and his friends to a concert…sighs.

  3. I went to see NKOTB when I was 17. Just my sister and me … can’t believe my mom let me drive us 2 hours away to somewhere we’d never been for that. (and that was before GPS and smart phones! We just had a map! And of course it was dark by the time we were heading home at midnight!!

  4. That is a wide variety of concerts, Karen! Last year I went to a Barry Manilow concert with friends – we were some of the youngest people there. And we got there 20 minutes late to miss most of the opening act, only to find there was no opening act! He went on at 7:00 and was done by 9:00. Guess the old guy has an early bedtime!

  5. HA! How exactly, did your keys get into a FLUSHING toilet? I mean, I get they could have fallen in from your pocket (because I’ve dropped my iphone in one more than once and more than twice) but while flushing?
    My husband and I saw Rod Stewart a few years ago and the entire audience was like that woman you described. All of them were older, and obsessed. Some even carried roses for him.

    • I have no idea Kristi, seriously I tried to figure that out for some time and I have no idea. A truly typical Karen moment, LOLOLOLOL. Thank God it was only pee, LOLOL

  6. I must be old! I actually had to Google Jackson Rathbone to see who you were talking about. I have even seen the Twilight movies and still don’t remember him. I think New Kids on the Block have a new tour coming up. I remember routing for them as a home-town band when they came out but thought it was the stupidest name ever – give it six months and they’re no longer the new kids right? How long could that last?? Funny though, I always though Mark Wahlburg was one of them, but it was just his brother Donnie. I thought Mark when from New Kids to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Now their other brother has Wahlburger’s (even with a new TV show) in my howtown, Hingham MA. I’ll be curious to check that place out next time I’m back that way taking a stroll down memory lane. 🙂

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