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listicles 3-31 collage2

This week’s list is from Cathy @ETNHome
0 Things you would do over as a parent


1. Don’t breast feed:  I had five infections in two months. Dino was/is allergic to dairy. I should have just stuck to the special formula. Sure it would have cost more money, but I would have had no guilt and lost precious time with my son. 

2. Use cloth diapers. Okay, even though I didn’t have a washing machine in my condo, I am sure there were places that I could have used. I am sure I could have found service that picks up dirty ones and delivers dirty ones. It would probably would have been cheaper than all the money we have spent on diapers and wipes. 

3. NO MORE ADVICE: I should have let those with unsolicited advice know, under no uncertain terms, that their advice and opinions are NOT needed or wanted. Now I am NOT talking about the kind and good-hearted advice. I am talking about the advice that is meant to judge, hurt, embarrass, or criticize you.

4. Let my husband help: I should have let my husband help in HIS way instead of making him do it my way. Sure there were some things he needed to understand, but most of the time it all turned out fine and I could have used the break. I mean so what if he put the onsie on over the pants, at least he dressed our son so I could take a shower and rest in peace. 

5. Date Nights: I should have set up monthly date nights, even if we didn’t have money. We could have found ways to go out and enjoy each other and strengthen our marriage.

6: House Cleaner: I should have hired a bi-weekly house cleaning service –  I thought doing that would say that I was not organized, messy, or not a good enough mom and wife. But in reality I don’t need anyone’s opinions. I’m a mom who works full time. After I come home from work, my teaching job doesn’t end, I have reports to write and lessons to plan.


7. Think before I react: I would have taken a second before I react to Dino’s behavior or words

8. Have another: IF we had time, money, and a guarantee that our last round of IVF would work…we would have had another kid so Dino could have a sibling. Though we are VERY happy with our son. He is a great kid with good manners. 

9. A different time: I wish Dino was brought up in a time similar to the time I was brought up. He could walk to school, not worry about who has the best cellphones or laptops, and no cyber bullying. It was a safer time when I was growing up, now there are too many dangers out there. 

10. Approval NOT needed: I wish I had used the line “Do I look like I need your approval?” when given unsolicited advice or complaints 

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Parenting Do Over — 11 Comments

  1. I too would have not even bothered breast feeding, because Emma also had colic and dairy/lactose issues as a newborn and infant. So totally can relate and agree with you on that. And the unsolicited advice, totally been there and done that, too.

  2. I love Tony’s last comment, so funny. I think I would have gotten rid of parenting books, whose advice never seemed to work for me. I would have taken more care of myself and gotten more help. Of course, limited funds make that hard, but I think even a little bit would have helped me a lot!

  3. I love the double list.

    I tried to nurse but it didn’t work out for me. I’m angry that in the hospital they made me feel as if I was obligated to try. If I had it to do over again I’d stand up to them and say that it’s a personal choice, not one to be bullied into.

    • I felt like they wanted me to nurse and kept getting me to nurse even though it wasn’t best for Dino. I agree with you, now we know and have the power to stand up and and say no.

  4. This was definitely a tough week. Your #4 is definitely tough, but I should probably follow that advice more often. And hiring a cleaning service is definitely worth it.

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