I Just Finished Reading…

I just finished reading…


GOODREADS SUMMARY: An ordinary snapshot causes a mother’s world to unravel in an instant. After picking up her two young children from school, Grace Lawson looks through a newly developed set of photographs. She finds an odd one in the pack: a mysterious picture from perhaps twenty years ago, showing four strangers she can’t identify. But there is one face she recognizes, that of her husband, from before she knew him.

When her husband sees the photo that night, he leaves their home and drives off without explanation. She doesn’t know where he’s going, or why he’s leaving. Or if he’s ever coming back. Nor does she realize how dangerous the search for him will be. Because there are others interested in both her husband’s past and that photo, including Eric Wu: a fierce, silent killer who will not be stopped from finding his quarry, no matter who or what stands in his way.

MY REVIEW: OMG…I knew it was all connected but never would have thought THAT!!! My mind is going to explode…seriously…WOW.

A MUST READ if you love psychological thrillers and mind f*cks.

I bow to the evil, twisted, and genius mind of Harlan Coben


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GOODREADS SUMMARY: With the same wicked humor, buoyant charm, and optimism that have made her Shopaholic novels beloved international bestsellers, Sophie Kinsella delivers a hilarious new novel and an unforgettable new character. Meet Emma Corrigan, a young woman with a huge heart, an irrepressible spirit, and a few little secrets:



GOODREADS SUMMARY: I don’t know how she does it!” is an oft-heard refrain about mothers today. Funnily enough, most moms agree they have no idea how they get it done, or whether they even want the job. Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile spoke to mothers of every stripe working, stay-at-home, part-time and found a surprisingly similar trend in their interviews. After enthusing about her lucky life for twenty minutes, a mother would then break down and admit that her child’s first word was “Shrek.” As one mom put it, “Am I happy? The word that describes me best is challenged.” Fresh from the front lines of modern motherhood comes a book that uncovers the guilty secrets of moms today . . . in their own words. I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids diagnoses the craziness and offers real solutions, so that mothers can step out of the madness and learn to love motherhood as much as they love their kids.


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  1. Love, love, love Sophie Kinsella and have literally read all of her books, including those she wrote under the pen name Madeline Wickman. And definitely enjoyed Can You Keep A Secret, too. And now you gave me two more books with the first and the last to add to my reading list. Thank you and love that you are sharing your Goodreads books here 🙂

    • OMG…I just finished Can you Keep a Secret…I was screaming and laughing so loud that my throat was sore. Love a book that makes me react like that. I don’t know why I haven’t done that sooner????

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