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Secret Subject Swap

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My subject is If you had to watch one movie or TV series over and over forever, what would it be and why.  It was submitted by Here goes:

I remember watching the movie Parenthood and loving it as a kid. I knew families were crazy, weird, loving, protective, and annoying. I knew it was going to be just as crazy when I had a kid, but I looked forward to it. 


Then as an adult and parent…Parenthood became a TV series!!! I was scared they were going to ruin it, but they did such an amazing job with the show. It is real life, real families, real situations and decisions. They depict everyday life of parents and kids without going over the top or making it unbelievable. 


Not only would I watch this show every day and night, but I would love to hang out with the Braverman’s.

Right now I think Joel needs a good junk punch. Seriously, grow up dude. I know Julia lost her way, but you left her emotionally. She didn’t cheat on you, she hung out with a friend. If the friend was a female it would be okay, but because the friend was a guy it was wrong? She was always there for you when she worked, but you left her behind when she needed you most. Now she has to bend to your will. I hope she does move on and Joel can see what a dummy he was/is.

I would tell Adam and Kristina to hire a lawyer and fight for Max. That school is not doing right by him. As a teacher who works in special education this is wrong and completely messed up. No school should get away with this. They are allowing him to be bullied and not put his education first. That school’s administration should be all shamed and fired.

I would tell Sarah to give Ray another chance. She has pure bad luck with men and love, Ray is the best thing for her. He is stable and dependable and will always be there for her. He will understand and complete her craziness.

Crosby sure has come a long way, so glad him and Jasmine are in a good place right now. What a beautiful family they have and Jasmine knows just how to deal with his occasional immaturity.

Amber is making good decisions and needs to continue on road that leads to even better decisions. She doesn’t need a man to make her whole, but will find a MAN that accepts and compliments her.

Drew just wanted a solid and good girlfriend, but one wants to live a free lifestyle and the other was beyond depressed. So glad he got away from that wackadoo roommate and crazy lady. He needs to focus on himself and the right woman will find him.

I would love to hang out at Zeke and Camille’s house for dinner. Just to listen to their conversations and current dramas would be awesome. They make you feel at home and accept you just for who you are. They yell, shout, criticize, and tease…but love with all their hearts. Just like real life families.

So this is what I would watch always and forever. It’s real life, it’s real situations, it’s REAL. Any teen, parent, grandparent, friend, husband, wife, aunt, uncle, daughter, or son can relate to at least one of the characters.


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Karen is married to a big kid and mom to a head strong, only child. She is happy with her family of three, along with their spoiled fur baby. Karen works full time as a teacher and still finds time to blog, read, crochet, and cook. Follow along as she enjoys this life.


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    • LOLOLOL…that’s my new favorite threat…I swear there are quite a few men and a couple of women who need a good junk punch. But seriously he needs to open his door to find julia kneeling down and throwing a good left hook right in the goods. Serves him right.

  1. I love the movie, but I never got into the series. I think if I had to watch a series all the time, I would pick Matlock or Designing Women, or maybe Golden Girls. You can tell I haven’t watched TV regularly in many many years.

  2. I loved the movie but have not seen the TV show. I hear a lot of people like it, so I may have to HULU it. I always hate getting into TV shows only to have them cancelled 🙁
    I’d watch all of the LOST, ALIAS, or Friends shows over and over 🙂

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