Our Meal Plan March 30th-April 5th

I’ve been doing pretty good with my healthy eating. I didn’t lose this week, but I didn’t gain either. Between me and Dino getting sick this week, I was too stressed and didn’t lose. I thought I would have lost, but oh well.  Last week’s meals didn’t go as planned, but it all worked out in the end. 

meal plan main collage (4)

Sun  dinner at in-laws for niece’s birthday
Mon Dinner slow cooker honey garlic chicken, rice, and cauliflower and carrots  http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Honey-Garlic-Slow-Cooker-Chicken-Thighs/Detail.aspx
Tues Dinner slow cooker meatball subs with veggies
Wed Dinner  potato gnocchi, butternut squash, cheese, tomato and almond puree,
Thurs Dinner  leftovers
Fri Dinner  chicken and roasted potatoes with green beans
Sat  rice and beans, bean and tomato puree sauce, onions, broccoli, spinach


Sunday – Even though dinner was going to be provided I still brought my own pasta with beans and veggies. This is still processed pasta, two days later I bought gluten free. I did have a bit of salmon at the party, but think I was already sick with a stomach virus  

pasta, veggies, tomatoes, beans

Monday – Was the worst day for me as I was sick with stomach bug. I don’t know how but I seasoned the chicken and baked it in a cast iron skillet. I baked the veggies in a separate skillet and boiled the rice. I tried to eat that night, but it was too difficult. 

Tuesday–  Dino and I had the leftover chicken, rice, and veggies for dinner. I felt so much better and what a a great meal it was. I truly enjoyed it. I even cut some up and used them for sandwiches the next day. honey garlic Collage


Wednesday – I baked butternut squash and tomatoes in the oven (with LOTS of spices). Then I purred the contents with almond milk and water. Then I poured it back into the cast iron skillet and sauteed it for a bit. It was healthy and delicious over the gnochi. Dino ate every bite. 

gnochi collage

Thursday – Slow Cooker Steak, rice, and veggies I TOTALLY FORGOT to set up the slow cooker with the steak. I realized this as I drove into the parking lot at work. I could have asked hubby, but it’s just easier to do it for the next day. So we had leftover gnochi and pork casserole and Italian bread pizza. 

Friday – Picked up Dino from daycare only to discover that he just threw up and then again as soon as we walked out the door. Other kids were out sick for the stomach bug, so it was just a matter of time before Dino got it. I just had leftover gnochi and sauce in between caring for Dino. 

Saturday –  Cut up and sauteed fresh cilantro, dill, and onion then added the marinating chicken. I let roasted chicken on both sides then placed cover on, and put in oven. I baked the chicken and veggies at 350 for about 30 mins.  At the same time I seasoned and baked potatoes and sweet potatoes in a covered cast iron skillet as well. I swear I will never use pans again. 

herbed chicken collage



Between using EasyLunchBoxes  and planning what I eat ahead of time, I am in control at work and I know Dino is eating healthy at school. 


lunch mon

Mommy-obviously I DID not eat any of my lunch that day, but also got rid of the pitas, since they were whole wheat.
Dino-ham and cheese sandwich on (originally multigrain bread) but redid his sandwich on organic white bread, natural applesauce, carrots, and cupcake loaded with strawberries and bananas
Dino Morning Snack-chocolate chip pancakes and grapes


lunch tue

Mommy-I hardly ate
Dino-didn’t pack his lunch so he ordered a pizza for lunch (bad, sick mommy)
Dino Morning Snack– homemade french toast sticks with organic white bread and organic jelly and strawberries

WEDNESDAY: lunch wed

Mommy– leftover garlic and honey chicken made into a chicken salad, tortialla chips, carrots, dried cranberry
Dino-same chicken salad on organic white bread, cucumbers, grapes, dried cranberries
Dino Morning – strawberry and banana cupcake and strawberries


lunch thurs
Mommy-leftover gnochi and sauce, cheese stick, two turkey slices, and apples
Dino-ham and cheese on organic white bread, organic applesauce, organic annie’s bunny crackers
Dino Morning Snack-homemade organic french toast sticks and apple slices

lunch fri

Mommy-tuna from a can (nothing mixed into it), guacamole, tortilla chips, cheese stick SO FLIPPIN’ GOOD
Dino– was home sick 🙁 


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    • thanks Janine, it was a crazy and weird week. So glad I am feeling better now…and only a few more days till I have off for a week. I so need that flipping week. LOLOL

  1. Sick is just no fun… and not losing when you aren’t eating isn’t fun either. Here’s to a better week!

    • I think I may have lost inches though, will have to see on Saturday when I weight myself. I am so lookiing forward to this week and next week when I have off.

  2. So sorry that you and Dino both got the stomach bug. Trying to function while feeling sick is HARD. I’m impressed by all of the healthy meals and that Dino needed to only order pizza one day! You rock and each meal looks delicious!

  3. It’s so hard to stick to an eating plan when you’re sick; especially when it requires a lot of advanced prep. Sounds like you did a great job. (and that gnocchi sauce sounds delicious!)

  4. Hi Karen,
    I am always so impressed with your lunches and how carefully they are planed and packed. Great meal plan! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a very special week.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

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