Bring On Spring

 bring on spring

This week’s list is all about spring…”10 Things Spring“. Now while I can’t stand all the insects…I do love the fresh air and warmer temperatures. Too bad it can’t stay 65-70 degrees all year round. For a change and because I didn’t have a chance to ask hubby, Dino will be splitting the list with me. 

Mommy’s list…  

1. skirts and sandals

2. lighter jackets

3. dinner outside

4. after dinner walks

5. open windows and fresh air 

Dino’s list… 

6. riding my bike

7. playing with sticks

8. playing ball with Mommy

9. playing outside at preschool

10. going to the playing  

 What do you like/look forward to about spring?

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Bring On Spring — 6 Comments

  1. Just love being able to go outdoors with no coat and wearing flip flops. Seriously, you know you don’t have to convince me how good it truly is to have spring upon us now!! 🙂

  2. Great Spring lists! I’ve started pulling out all my dresses and we went for a pre-dinner walk with the kids over the weekend. It was wonderful! Here’s to a Spring full of walks, bike riding and playing ball with Dino.

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