IVF Was The BEST Decision I Ever Made

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“The best decision I ever made…was going through IVF.”  

 So many decisions have been made over the years that I am thankful for. Deciding to talk to that cute guy in my college literature class. Deciding to date him. Deciding to marry him. All have been wonderful, despite all our ups and downs, it was all worth it. But the BEST decision I ever made was to go through with In Vitro Fertilization. We had tried other fertility treatments, but THIS was the big one. It was going to be a long road and I was ready.

We took the class on how to properly fill syringes with doses of medicine and how to to properly inject the hormones. We filled out all the paperwork and waited for the delivery. Though when I emptied out the huge box and separated the multitude of syringes, needles sizes, hormones, medicines, and syringes I was utterly overwhelmed.

A full-blown panic attack ensued when some of the hormones did not match what the nurse gave me. I began sobbing and called the nurse who calmly explained that those were generic hormones and went through each item with me. In Vitro is NOT for the weak-hearted, looking at those needles scared me to death. Especially the progesterone one…it was so long, meant to go through fat.

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My friend Cathy can attest to my break-down. I called her and explained it all, she made me laugh as usual. My friend Kit can attest to the horrors of injects as she was there for the VERY first injection that brought Dino into my life.

Sadly I was bloated and had undiagnosed preeclampsia during my pregnancy. Sadly I did not get to enjoy my sister’s wedding as much as I would have liked to. Sadly I delivered early due to complications from the undiagnosed preeclampsia.

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What it all worth it? ABOSLUTELY!

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What is the best decision you ever made? 


IVF Was The BEST Decision I Ever Made — 24 Comments

  1. Sounds like you truly made the perfect and right decisions for you and your family and just so glad in the end it all worked out and you are in the perfect place for you in the here and now!! 🙂

  2. Wow, what a post! I definitely needed this today. It’s only 9:21 and my life seems so full of bad decisions and regrets.

    I have no idea what my best decision was, but reading about yours made me happy!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I remember those days and all you went through to have that handsome Dino! He’s such an awesome little man…meant to be!

  4. Congrats for battling through IVF and all the complications. I thought morning sickness was rough, but IVF mothers have so much more to contend with. Kudos to you!

  5. Wow. Seeing what you did to bring your kid into this world, he better behave. Like for real, I would be reminding him regularly of what you went through to bring him into this world.

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