I’ll Never Understand…


This week’s Listicles is 10 Things I’ll Never Understand by @inmomopause



1. Pants having off your butts? Seriously? Is that REALLY COOL? Do I REALLY need to see your boxers? 

2. Know-it-alls. I don’t understand why you feel the need to PRETEND you know it all when everyone and their mother knows of are full of sh*t. 

3. Conformity. Why do we all need to be the same?  Why can’t we stand out and rock at being who we are. 

4. Why my husband still has no clue where anything is or goes. I understand we have only lived in our apt for over two years, but COME ON dude. 

5. why people make left turns cutting into the other lanes…Make a box left turn people…IT’S ONE OF THE FIRST RULES OF DRIVING. 




1. When people knock on doors and open them before getting a response to enter. 

2. When you unlock a car door electronically and the person can’t get in, so they knock again. I know you are there.  

3. Russel Stover fancy chocolates – why do people leave the wrappers in the box? It doesn’t help you figure out the chocolates. 

4. Why do people bite the chocolate and put it back in the box instead of just looking at the bottom of the box.  

5. Using another dish and utensil instead of just cleaning the ones you used (looking at my wife).



What things don’t you understand? 


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I’ll Never Understand… — 10 Comments

  1. Karen, my husband is the same way with not being able to find stuff in our home and trust me have had more then my far share of moments dealing with this and just kind of have to let it go, I guess. And the pants hanging off guys butts, seriously so with you on that, too!

  2. Clearly this issue with guys and where stuff goes is epidemic! Personally, I’m starting to think my Hub actually does know, but just figures if he ignores it, eventually I’ll put it away myself.
    Loved the one about the car – always wondered about that.

  3. Why people cut the tags off of clothing, and then just leave the tags on the dresser instead of throwing it in the trash can… which is RIGHT THERE!!!!

  4. I loved the one about people who knock, then enter before hearing a response. I was wondering if it was just my house. I do have a hang up about my girls and my “big kid” fiance not using the same cup. It’s almost as if they enjoy watching me complete the dishes so they can see who can dirty the most. lol. Great lists.

  5. Ha, my husband still always asks me where something is before attempting to look, he thinks I know where he puts his stuff, and yes sometimes I do, but I didn’t know it was that difficult to find something you just put down. Happy Friday!

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