Our Meal Plan April 19th – 25th

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I posted my weight/inches on Saturday. I’ll post every Saturday Getting Healthier and Stronger for my son 


From now on all the foods that I eat, use for lunches, and cook with are either NON-GMO or organic. Sometimes a food can be organic, but unless it has the seal of NON-GMO then you know for certain it is 100% clean.

I know organic/NON-GMO foods are SUPER EXPENSIVE. It’s sad and ridiculous that we have to pay more for clean food. I work hard to keep my foods within budgets and can find good sales on some items at Whole Foods. Though I save the most by buying from the bulk section.

Here are great sites for how to save on organic. How to eat organic on a budget. Practical ways to eat well when you can’t afford organic.  Dear Mom who can’t afford organic.

HOPEFULLY with Vermont now requiring GMO labels on all “Food” products, other states will follow. Perhaps if all states DO follow, the big food industries will STOP putting unsafe additives in food, provide healthier choices, and organic will become more affordable and the mainstream food in all kitchens. 



I have been getting into the habit of cooking dinners the night before. It saves me time after coming home from work. I can let it cook in the oven or slow cooker while I eat, play with Dino, get ready for the next day, and do our nighttime routine.

Sat Dinner Pasta, sauce, and leftover porkballs
Sun Dinner Easter
Mon Dinner take out (Karate presentation)
Tues Dinner  homemade split pea soup, ham, carrots, and couscous
Wed Dinner roasted chicken, potatoes, veggies
Thurs Dinner  chicken and barley soup with veggies
Fri Dinner  leftovers

Sat Dinner:  I never thought I could have pasta sauce again. Then I started going to Whole Foods and buying their non-GMO products. I was amazed that the next morning I was NOT sick, but feeling great. That just further proves to me that eating clean foods is the way to go. 

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Sun Dinner:   

We had a wonderful Easter at my mom’s house. We had brunch and Dino LOVED being able to run around in a bigger house and yard.

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Monday– Since Dino had a karate presentation in daycare, I picked up two slices of pizza and we ate in the car after I picked him up. Then we went back in for his karate show. He of course was the loudest and craziest one, but that is my Dino. 

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Tuesday– Using dry split peas from the bulk section of Whole Foods and the ham bone my mother gave me from Easter, I made split pea and ham soup. It was DELICIOUS. I added fresh rosemary, cilantro, dill, and parsley, with some other seasonings, as well as carrots and couscous after the soup was done. 

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Wednesday – We had lefter over soup and pasta. Dino eagerly awaited the pea soup, he scarfed it down again. I tried to get him to dip some bread in it…but he’s not a dipping kind of guy (unless it’s chicken or fries).

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Thursday – We had my new favorite…roasted chicken with veggies. I get so much chicken out of this meal…we can make soup, and chicken salads with the leftover. 

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Friday–  leftovers 

Instead we went out to our favorite place to eat…Prime Burger…as always it was delicious and hits the spot.


I won’ be posting pictures of lunches anymore. This week I just kept forgetting to take pics. As soon as I was done packing lunch and cleaning the kitchen, I just wanted to sit down and chill with Dino and Balboa. I will list all our lunches, but not include pics anymore.

Dino’s Lunches:

  • white bread with ham and cheese and mayo
  • pizza from school
  • turkey, ham, cheese roll-ups, with guacamole and chips
  • chicken salad on bread
  • tuna salad on bread

Dino’s Snacks:

  • french toast with mango slices
  • grilled cheese with orange slices
  • chips and carrots with hummus
  • oatmeal with raisins and cranberries
  • apples, carrots, pears, or oranges
  • pretzels
  • cookies
  • homemade cake or brownies


Mommy’s Lunches:

  • white bread with turkey and cheese and mustard
  • turkey, ham, cheese roll-ups, with guacamole and chips
  • tuna and guacamole with chips
  • chicken and guacamole with chips
  • chicken salad or tuna salad on bread

Mommy’s Snacks:

  • cereal with almond milk and either banana or raisins
  • apples, carrots, pears, or oranges
  • pretzels
  • cookies
  • homemade cake or brownies


Tuesday Tastings



Products that participate in and are NON-GMO can be found here




Table for 7Table for 7

Tuesday Tastings



Our Meal Plan April 19th – 25th — 8 Comments

  1. I love that you are doing that healthy post on Saturdays now and also loved your chicken and veggies meal. I make something similar and just such an easy, but healthy meal, too to make 🙂

  2. Talk about scary.. this GMO stuff is starting to concern me. Just heard someone say they think the food allergies/gluten allergies are a result of GMOs. Hmmmm….

    • I have had digestion problems all my life. was gluten free…dairy free…then diagnosed with IBS because they had no idea. Now that I have gone 100 non-GMO I feel better than I ever have in my life. I know it was all the pretend food I was eating. I can eat pasta sauce and chocolate again because it’s natural and not filled with the things that shouldn’t be in my body. Besides, if a company doesn’t want GMO testing that means they are using chemicals.

  3. First off Dino in that hat!! LOVE! I’m happy to hear you’re choosing to stay away from the GMO-laced foods. It is sad that we’re paying more for what is true to nature!
    What is also sad is the wording on packages that make you *think* you’re getting a healthier option, when sadly you’re not. I’m trying to stick with Paleo it gets tough, I breakdown, and then remind myself I feel better without the gluten and carbs.

    • Thanks! He’s a character. I know…now that my eyes are open…fruit filled bars are NOT real fruit…they are all chemicals. Good for you for doing Paleo…I’d like to transition competly over to that, but tough with hubby and son…but at least we’re all eating real foods. Well hubby will eat what I make, but still loves his processed snacks, fast food, and junk food.

  4. Looks like another tasty week. Have you posted your recipe for pork balls? I see them on your meal plan a lot. I’ve also been looking more into how to eat as fresh as possible. It’s not easy, but it is a nice way to change up what you’re eating with the changes of the seasons.

    • that’s what I forgot, I forgot to write up recipes. I will include that in next week’s meal plan. no, not easy at all, but it does get easier as you get into a pattern…

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