I Have Absolutely No Interest In…

no interest ftsf


Finish the Sentence Friday

“I have absolutely no interest in…LOTS of things.”  

Oh the list of all the things I have no interest in is quite long…where should I start?

I have no interest in reality shows. They are NOT real, they are mostly staged. They hold no interest to me at all. Seriously, do I really want to watch how you WANT the world to see you? NOPE

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in being someone I’m not. If you don’t like me for who I am…then you don’t deserve me in your life.

no interest ftsf       no interest ftsf

I have no interest in anti-aging gimmicks. I am not covering my grays or my “flaws”. I love my big, freckled nose. I love my splotchy cheeks. I love curly, black hair with some grays. I REFUSE to apologize for aging or having skin. Aging is normal.

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in hiding the emotions on my face.

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in sports but know I may have to REALLY get into it when Dino gets older. Hubby wishes I was into sports.

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in NOT reading…I NEED to get caught in a book and suffer from a book hangover until I get caught in another book.
no interest ftsf


 What thing(s) are you lacking interest? 


I Have Absolutely No Interest In… — 15 Comments

  1. Karen, I couldn’t love you more and my whole post tonight is about having no interest in sports. Kevin, too, would love if I did, but just really could care less. And I am also so with you on reality shows. Give me a funny sitcom any day of the week and I am set 🙂

  2. Totally agree with all of them EXCEPT the sports. I’m not a sports lover but I do have favorite teams I love to watch. It just wouldn’t be summer without me screaming at the Red Sox on TV.

  3. I am totally with you on reality tv, like my first draft was all about celebrities and reality tv. I compared it to porn. It is like porn. Like they are really alive and living, like porn is really actually sex, but it’s staged and scripted, like porn, and the WWE. But blogs, now that’s more like watching the honeymoon videos. In the same metaphor. It’s not really my best metaphor. But in my mind, real reality tv is blog reading. You see people and their real lives, with real emotions and real passion. This is why I’m addicted to blogs.

  4. HAHA I love the Stop making stupid people famous graphic and cannot STAND reality tv. It’s just gross and dumb (oh I did have a brief stint with Teen Mom 2 though). And I wish I were the same with anti-aging stuff. I buy a lot of creams and such. Sigh. Also I need to get caught up on my reading books!!

    • yes…would love to see what you are reading. I think a lot of people tuned into that one hoping those moms and babies would get a happy ending.

  5. Oh but where would I be without my reality entertainment…The Bachelor/Bachelorette and The Voice are two of my make it through the week vices!!! Used to love Survivor…but it is too much now…all the others can fall by the wayside. And I do not agree with making people famous just because…that is ridiculous!

  6. I love the term “book hangover” that’s awesome!

    I also love what you said about hiding emotions instead of having your face convey them, I could never get those older women I see in TV shows sometimes, who laugh without moving a single muscle in order to not increase their wrinkles. I’ve always found this slightly terrifying!

  7. What is the fascination with some of these reality shows? I don’t really get it. For me…I have no interest in video games (much to my husband’s disappointment).

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