Adventures Where I Live

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This week’s Listicles is 10 Adventures to have where I live 


1. Going to the Wolf Conservatory – Dino is looking forward to see how Atka is doing.

2. Going for a walk around town

3. Going to the Nature Center and Silverman’s Farm

4. Having lunch at Whole Foods…yes…its’ a fun thing for me and Dino

5. Enjoying ourselves at Martin Park Beach 



1. Having bbq outside with my family…even better at the park.

2. Taking wife and son to Beardsley Zoo, Dinosaur Park, and Railroad Museum

3.  Fishing with my son (one day)

4.  Playing outside with my son

5. Neighborhood strolls with my family


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What are some adventures you can have right where you live? 


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  1. Ok, these are all familiar places to me… where do you live? I used to take my girls to our nearby nature center, and the Maritime Aquarium was always a favorite. Now when we have time, we prefer to crash on the beach!

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