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Finish the Sentence Friday

“The Nicest Thing Someone Ever Did for Me…”  


Man, I am sitting here trying to think. I feel awful that I can’t remember all the wonderful things that have been done for me…makes me a horrible and evil person, right? Seriously, the only thing on my mind this Thursday afternoon is parent orientation for kindergarten tonight.

That’s right, I am writing this on a Thursday.

That’s right Tony and I are going tonight to meet the teachers, sign up for classroom screening, and get more information and resources than I think I can handle.

I have so many questions….

  • Will he be mad if I give him a packed lunch and the other kids buy school food?
  • Is the school food organic/NON-GMO?
  • What if he doesn’t learn to zip up his own jacket?
  • What if he doesn’t make any friends in the classroom?
  • What if he is incorrectly placed in a classroom and he needs more challenging work?
  • What if he’s being pushed too hard and feels inferior?
  • What if he need extra support?
  • What if he’s just too busy with his body and gets picked on by the teachers instead of being taught differently?
  • Does he need a backpack?
  • Does he need pencils and paper?
  • What if doesn’t like his new school or teacher?
  • What if he gets bullied?
  • What if the moms in the PTA are mean and ostracize me for being a working mom?
  • What if I am pressured into volunteering when I don’t have time?
  • What if he’s ostracized because his mom can’t volunteer?
  • What if he makes friends but I HATE the moms?
  • What if the kids don’t like him and he never has any friends?

See it just goes on and on. Hubby is relaxed…well he’s more worried that because he’s a custodian at another school in district Dino will get picked on…or have less than others have. As for all these worries he’s says I’m crazy.

So, in all this I did not finish the sentence at all. I will say that Dino is able to pick out the sweet and wonderful things people do and will say, “That was so nice.  ______ did that for _________ and that was nice.” I hope he is able to use this skill in school to make friends, learn, and be successful. I hope he is able to make friends and be friends with everyone. I hope he continues to use his manners and be respectful of others, but not letting others walk all over him. I hope he stands up for himself with pride and respect. I hope he loves learning and continues to learn and question everything. I hope he starts learning and never stops. I hope school begins his journey of changing the world.

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I was hoping they would give us more information tonight, instead they will mail everything to us in August. I am glad hubby picked up summer reading information at his school. I can get started on introducing Dino to reading series and books he will see in school. They didn’t have any of that at this school. I guess all the parents will be running around in August fighting over school supplies.

I am looking forward to his mini kindergarten to get to know the teachers and fellow students. I am looking forward to bus orientation so he can feel like a big boy. Hubby is also looking forward to walking Dino to school most mornings.  

It was nice to see some moms that I already knew. Dino will know some friendly faces and hopefully make long lasting friendships. 

 What is the nicest thing someone has done for you? 


That’s So Nice — 19 Comments

  1. We go next week and I am so worried, too about this. Seriously, my stomach is in knots thinking of all the unknown for Emma next year. Whatever you find out, I hope you share here before I go next week so that I can possibly put my mind slightly at ease. Hugs and know that you aren’t alone. I am seriously right there with you now.

    • I’ll post the list of the series of books on Wednesday. I started putting some on hold at the library. I just wish we got more information.

  2. Oh, MAN!! I TOTALLY remember the anxiety I felt when Bobby started Kindergarten. I had all of those worries and more! It was intense!! Now I’m anxious because…he’s starting high school next year! It has all gone by so fast!! I know Dino is going to *love* kindergarten. It’s going to be fantastic (for both of you!) 🙂 –Lisa

    • I think he’s going to rock there, its me that’s going to need sobbing sessions. I can’t imagine high school…it really does go by fast and I need to hold on to him even tighter.

  3. Oh, the nervousness of the first day of kindergarten… As the mother of an 18 and 20yo, I still remember those days! It was particularly stressful when my special needs daughter was off to kindergarten. So many worries even though she had already been part of special education preschool. I still worry on the first day of school! Dino’s special skill of seeing the best in people and recognizing kindness will serve him well, for sure. If only we all had that beautiful perspective!I hope all goes well for Dino!

    (Visiting from #FTSF)

    • thanks babe, I know I’m lucky that he’s such a sweet kid and I truly hope he’s freinds with eveeryone. I can’t imagine how nerve wracking it must have been…but seems like you and your daughter got all the support you needed.

  4. I remember wishing and hoping all those things for my little man too when he first started kindy. He sounds like such a lovely little guy and so insightful and aware of other people’s feelings. I’m sure all the other kids are going to want to be his buddy! Wishing you guys all the best. xx

  5. I’m unbelievably nervous about kindergarten next year, too, Karen. It’s so scary and worrisome wondering whether these precious children of ours will enjoy school, make friends (with moms we can stand), and all of it. I do have faith though that both of our boys will really enjoy kindergarten and do so much better than we even dare hope for.

  6. I have sent four off to preschool and kindergarten (the last was the HARDEST!), and now one off to Middle School. Believe me, the kindergarten teachers have seen it all before (in regards to the parents). He will fly, and it’ll be great.

  7. Oh, good luck, mama! I remember being so nervous about kindergarten with my oldest. It just seemed so overwhelming, and impossible that we could possibly be prepared and ready for it. You’ve got this, I promise. You’ll be a natural, and so will he. Hugs!!!

  8. I haven’t thought about Kindergarten for Bee, Karen. Yikes! I wasn’t nervous for Bunny to start school, but unexpectantly started to cry when I was dropping him off for the first day.

  9. I’m with you momma! It’s so hard to see them go off to kindergarten… I had to work really hard not to cry when we dropped our girl off the first day this year.
    We worry. All those questions you have? We all have them. That’s what moms do.
    But he’ll be great.


  10. For some reason I thought Dino was already in first grade or something! From the looks of it, you seem to have a very mature boy. I’m sure he’ll do great. Plus, it’s normal for us moms to worry. Just don’t let it overwhelm you.

    • Thanks…that makes me happy…he can be quite mature when he wants to be. I realize now he just wants to learn everyting and I have to let him be. I can capture it all, but have to let him learn and grow…sniffles and I can cry all I want.

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