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scardey squirrel at night

Dino here, now that I am starting kindergarten in the fall, I have to read certain books over the summer. Mommy is making me start now and I really like the books she borrows from the library. The new library is really big and has lots of space to walk around, play, and books to find. I want to read all the books, but Mommy says only a few at a time.


scardey squirrel at night


Amazon SummaryScaredy never sleeps — sleep might mean bad dreams about dragons, ghosts, vampire bats and polka-dot monsters. Our wide-eyed hero has a plan: stay awake all night, every night. Between counting stars, playing cymbals and making scrapbooks, he does a good job of avoiding dreamland. With exhaustion taking its toll, Scaredy comes face-to-face with an alarming horoscope prediction: All his dreams are about to come true! He must prepare for the worst and his Bad Dream Action Plan includes a fire extinguisher to snuff out dragons and a fan to blast away ghosts. But when disaster strikes, will Scaredy survive this ordeal? Will he thank his lucky stars? Will he find sweet dreams? Scaredy Squirrel at Night tackles a fear everyone — and especially the young — can relate to. It’s a bedtime story to make light of kids’ fear of the dark and a fable for our sleep-deprived society.

Dino Review: I like Scardey Squirrel. He has lots of plans and tries to get the bad dreams. He thinks if he sleeps he will be scared. You know what? His plan doesn’t work and he falls asleep. He has good dreams and wants to sleep at night. 

Mommy Review: I think Dino will love this series, it’s visually appealing but not over done. Scaredy organizes his plans quite well and explains negatives of no sleep and positives of sleep..which models organizational skills. A great book and can’t wait to read more adventures about Scaredy. 

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  1. I totally have to look into some books now for Emma, too since she too is starting kindergarten in the fall, too now. I have been working on some new iPad apps for both numbers and letters (phonetics) with her and will definitely now look into some books with her, too. So thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I keep meaning to post that list, I WILL Do it next Wednesday, sorry. Apps are great too…OMG, we had his kindergarten assessment yesterday. He joined some other kids and they met with the teachers to see how their writing, reading, communication, and other skills were. THIS IS TOO REAL!

  2. That photo is soooo precious, Karen! What a cute face. He suddenly looks so much older – not sure if that is a good or bad thing:)

  3. Oh Karen – I love the Mommy and Me reviews! Please, keep doing them. Dino, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about this book. I have seen it so many times but had no idea how good it was. Thanks so much for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  4. My 5-year-old grandson goes to the library with his mom every week. I’m going to put this on his list. He will love it! Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

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