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“It’s almost bathing suit season, and to prepare, I’m…”

strength training and eating healthy


As you know from my Saturday posts I am getting stronger and healthier and from my Thursday posts I am only eating HEALTHY FOODS, you can find all the posts HERE.

I began with Weight Watchers but soon realized a few things.

  • I could eat junk and still be within my point range

  • Most of the food recommend was low-fat, fat-free, and processed

  • I gained muscle, which in turn adds weight, but lost inches…but was not be succeeding in Weight Watchers


I decided to dump the program, continue strength training, and only eat organic and NON-GMO foods. Sure it costs more money to eat organic and NON-GMO, sure it takes extra planning, but knowing we are eating real food is worth it.  I used to NEED to have crystal light in my water or a soda. I would NEVER drink plain water…ever.


I only want water, or seltzer when we go out. I drink my tea without any sugar and honey. The taste of artificial sweeteners is sickening.

My exercise routine consists of a 20lb kettle bell at home along with push ups, squats, and lunges. I can do 15 push ups (on my knees) with Dino on my back, I can do 15 regular push ups (sans Dino). I can lift him up and squat 2 sets of 5.

At the gym, I usually climb the stair master, recently climbing 50 floors, that’s right 50 floors!!!!!  With a personal trainer I am learning how make my muscles even stronger, by doing dead lifts and squats.  I recently rocked on a treadmill (I normally don’t since there isn’t big muscle gain while walking), but I raised the incline to 80%…the reason I did so well??? My muscles gave me the endurance to keep going.

It’s so empowering being strong and healthy.

  • I went from a size 1x to a 16
  • I went from NOT being able to walk up the stairs at work, while carrying my heavy bag, without hyperventilating and needing to sit down. NOW…I can practically run up those stairs with the bags and keep going.
  • I can run around our driveway and yard with my son and he’s the one who needs to take a break first.
  • I no longer hate water, I actually LOVE the taste of it.
  • I find that fruits, vegetables, and real food fill me for longer and provide me with the energy I need.
  • I am beyond delirious with joy when I find another NON-GMO product that Dino loves.
  • I love cooking from scratching and making healthy meals and treats for my family. Before it was all about cheap and quick, now it’s all about health and real food.

old me2

sorry about the out of focus pictures, I took them on my own and they don’t seem to come out best like that. Despite the fuzziness, you can still see the difference in how I look.

may 2014 collage

 How are you getting ready for beach season?  


Ready for the Beach — 20 Comments

  1. Totally love all you have done to get healthy and ready for beach weather this year. Truly so proud of you and you have every right to shout it from the roof tops. You look amazing, Karen 🙂

  2. Hi Karen: you’re preaching to the choir! Getting back in shape and eating healthy is what led me to Fitfunner in the first place! Glad to see that all of your hard work is paying off, and that you are feeling better, and better about yourself. Good luck on your continued journey; it will turn out well for you (and your family!)

  3. You look amazing and I’m so impressed about 50 floors on the stairmaster – you ROCK. And, you make me want to go back to the gym. I agree about foods though – I’ve recently gotten much more organic and am amazed at some of the junk I used to eat.

    • OMG Kristi, I’m all organic and NON-GMO and it makes me angry that I’ve been feeding my son this garbage for so long thinking it was the best for him. What a difference when you eat real foods. It was a challenge to do 50 floors, but fun, now I want to do 70 floors.

  4. I love this! So inspiring and wonderful. I did a clean eating diet for one week (which I detailed on my blog if you are ever interested) and same thing: it changed my habits immensely. Not that I can stick to it all the time but it was a really wonderful exercise. I am so impressed y you and thanks for the FTSF post!

  5. Yes! Here’s to 70 floors. You look wonderful Karen. I’m with you on the water front. I only add lemon or frozen fruit if I add anything it at all. Can’t imagine adding artificial sweeteners to anything – they make me feel rather odd actually.

  6. You are looking amazing. I’m impressed by the push ups. I am always trying to do more of those but they are hard for me! I had the same experience with water… I wake up craving it:)

    • Thanks! I am trying and so want to be super strong…Yeah, I used to crave soda and tea, now I NEED water all the time…it’s a great feeling.

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  8. It’s pool season here already, too soon. I’m still working on reaching my goal by working out at the gym 3-4 days a week weight training, cardio and zumba and eating clean most of the time. I love working out and its easy since my husband embraces physical fitness as well. Down 17.

    • I think if my hubby was on board it would all be easier, but perhaps one day. I want to try zumba but afraid I will fall like the klutz I am. WOOOHOOO down 17, that is great

      • Hahaha, my husband works out then fries chicken for dinner. A whole different metabolism plus he does almost all weight lifting. Easy at the gym but the home front is different, which makes it hard. Its okay if you stumble in Zumba. You just gotta keep on moving. 🙂 keep up the great work!!

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