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it;s hard to be five


I will be prepared for kindergarten with all the books I’m reading.


knight for a day


Amazon Summary:

It’s hard to be five.
Just yelled at my brother.
My mind says do one thing.
My mouth says another.

It’s fun to be five!
Big changes are here!
My body’s my car,
and I’m licensed to steer.

Learning not to hit? Having to wait your turn? Sitting still? It’s definitely hard to be five. But Jamie Lee Curtis’s encouraging text and Laura Cornell’s playful illustrations make the struggles of self-control a little bit easier and a lot more fun!

This is the sixth inspired book from the #1 New York Times best-selling team of Today I Feel Silly: & Other Moods That Make My Day and I’m Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self Esteem.

Dino Review: I just turned five! and I’ll be going to kindergarten soon. I have to do lots of work, but still need to play. Mommy and Daddy make lots of rules and I get mad. I have to listen to my teachers and be nice to my friends. I have to be nice and say, please, thank you, and no problem. I want to be a superhero when I grow up.

Mommy Review: Who doesn’t love a Jamie Lee Curtis book? It’s a great book that explains why its so hard to be five. A time when you are starting school, but still a little kid that needs understanding. I loved it and know Dino agreed with lots of the pictures and comments.  

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  1. Ok, I am so going to get this one for Emma, because we are definitely having a few of those issues now that she is just about 5 and like you who doesn’t love a Jamie Lee Curtis book!! 🙂

  2. I’m with Janine. We need this book. Now. T isn’t quite yet five, but she’s been struggling with controlling desires and not letting emotions control behavior. Thanks for the review!

  3. This sounds perfect for Dino. We will definitely be pinning this and reading it in the next two years before little G turns five. Thanks so much for a great recommendation and for joining us on the Kid Lit blog Hop

  4. Ooh! Jamie Lee Curtis! Looks like a great choice for Dino. Thanks for sharing your recommendation in the Kid Lit Blog Hop! 🙂

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