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Fly on the Wall

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This morning Dino is graduation from preschool. That’s right, my just turned five years old, Dino is graduation preschool. Sniffles…I know I’m going to be a mess! I’ll post some pictures tomorrow with my Getting Stronger and Healthier for my Son post.


I pick up Dino from daycare and am told by his teacher that after looking for a DVD of a Dr. Seuss book, they can’t find it. They said he got so mad that he shouted “Whoever took it better give it back or I’m slap them in the face really hard.” (He was referring to the robbers) They proceeded to tell me they both cracked up and tried to keep control of the room. they explained that no one is allowed to hit anyone and it will be okay.  I just want to point out that I HAVE NEVER said that to my son…EVER. Nor has my husband…EVER.

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After Hubby gets him in the car for school, before he could buckle his seat belt Dino looks at him and says. “A little help here, Daddy.”

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While at his Uncle Phil and Aunt Janet’s house he is trying to carry a bag of toys, but it’s to heavy. He looks up at everyone and says, “Can somebody help me here?” 

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My parents bought us a dining table and chair set many years before Dino was born (and still living in our condo) Now in our small apartment, we don’t need it and it’s been collecting dust in the garage. So my father came up with a friend and took the table from the garage and the matching chairs from our dining room. In return they gave us their smaller chairs, which really fit better in our small apartment.

Dino was not happy about this. “La La and Pop Pop need to give back our chairs. “They are robbers and took our chairs, I want them back.” “When we go to tyeir house I am taking back my chairs.”

Wait till he finds out that we are getting a better table (less wobbly) and chairs for our dining area. He is going to be so UPSET. We’ll say it’s a graduation gift, since he is graduation preschool this morning! 

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Dino was driving his tricycle around our driveway. He was getting too close to the cars. Me  being me, I said “Be careful. You don’t want to smash into the car and break your nose.” Yes I am over dramatic.

Dino: I’ve been driving around and didn’t hit the cars. I’m okay Mom.” and rolls his eyes

Me: just laughed at his snarky comeback.

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Dino suddenly is all about the Power Rangers…thanks to one of his friends at preschool. He wanted to trade in duplicate toys he received for his birthday and get power rangers. I explained that he never he watches the shows, so why get them. Two days later as we are flipping through shows on Netflix…

Dino: “Mommy, it’s the Power Rangers. I want to watch that.”

Mommy: I grind my teeth and inwardly curse Netflix and the child at preschool as I put the show on. The title just came on when I hear…

Dino: “See Mommy, I’m watching it now, so I can get them at the store.”

Hubby laughs at me. “You can’t outwit this kid.”

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Dino LOVES to watch all three Jurrasic Parks and often gets confused about what people say. In the movie, at the very begining a man with a British accent screams “Shoot her!” referring to a dinosaur trying to eat someone.  Dino insists that the man said “shootah”.

Dino: “Why did he say shootah, Mommy?”

Me “He didn’t he said ‘shoot her’.”

Dino: “No, Mommy. He said shootah.”

Me: No, he has an accent and it sounds like he said that, but he really said “shoot her” to save the man from being eaten.” this goes back and forth a few times

Me: “Fine. You are right. He says shootah.”

Dino: “I know, Mommy. I’m always right.”

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Dino: Mommy how come you don’t have a penis?

Me: “Girls have vaginas and boys and penises.”

Dino: “But how do you pee?”

Me: “I pee sitting down?”

Dino: “How does the pee get out?”

Me: “It comes out of a tiny hole just like your pee does.”

Dino: “Can I see?”

I promptly changed the subject. What do I do now???? HELP!

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Me: I sat him down and told him. “Mommy an Daddy have to go out to a school tonight. All parents have to see the new school you’ll go to next year. LaLa and PopPop will be here with you and put you to bed.

Dino: He starts to sob…”I don’t want you to go.”

Me: “Mommy and Daddy will come back. We will see you in the morning.”

Dino: “What if you don’t come back? what if you are gone forever?”

Me: My heart just breaks…seriously. I held him tight and promised him I will always come back no matter what (of course dreading not making good on this promise) and will beat up whoever I have to just to get back to him.

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I’ve trained Dino well…after getting a piece of our NON-GMO mint chocolate  bar, he then asked his Daddy if he wanted a piece. Daddy declined, he then went on to lecture him.

Dino: “Daddy, this chocolate is safe to eat. Your chocolate has chemicals and will make you sick. You shouldn’t eat yours, you need to eat ours.” This lecture continued for about ten minutes.

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    • Yeah, I’ve trained him well with the healthy eating and knowing where your food comes from. I am so worried the pee question will come up again.

  1. Okay. I know you have never said anything about slapping people to Dino…but what he said is something I could totally picture you saying!!! That is tooooooooo funny!

    • you know me so well, I would say something like that…have said things like that, but never in front of Dino…especially not now when he repeats EVERYTHING….

    • he is so protective of all his things…but he’s not selfish or spoiled, I think he just loves what he has and doesn’t want it gone. If I didn’t dcall it a graduation gift…God know how he would have reacted, LOLOLOL

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